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Disney Villainettes -Stromboli

So as I was doing research for this piece (ie rewatching the movie on YouTube), I realized that there are actually two main villains in Pinocchio! Originally I wanted to have Stromboli with a donkey, then I learned that the whole donkey ordeal in Pleasure Island is actually run by a villain called the Coachman, and that Stromboli is just a simple puppeteer. I only planned to do Stromboli for my series, as he is listed by Disney as the "official villain" but now I am considering doing the Coachman as well...what do you guys think? Does Pinocchio deserve the honour of having two spots in my list, or should I move on?

Anyway, this was the first time I tried drawing on a larger canvas (2000x2000 as opposed to 1000x1000) and then scaling down, and it really allowed me to create finer and more detailed elements in my work! In fact, this is probably the most detailed bg I've done so far, and I am only planning to get better!

So yeah. Stromboli! Yay! Like Ratcliffe, I've decided to make her skinny, simply because I'm not very skilled in drawing larger women. Expect all larger villains to be interpreted this way. Also, here are the puppet close-ups: [link] and [link] and here is the background [link]

Coming up next: Sid from Toy Story


Disney Villainettes:
Captain Hook
Governor Ratcliffe
Compilation One
John Silver

For more information on the series, read [link]
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I created Stromboli's daughter and named her Rella Gacino.

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I absolutely love this! You should do more with Pinocchio! 
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Looks like Harley Quinn.
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Damn, looks like unlike her male counterpart she was able to keep the weight off after the liposuction
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Great job on the colors. I especially like how you did the puppets!
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BTW, could you do Dr. Facilier?
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He/She is up next! Has been sitting on my desktop since December 2011 actually... whoops. haha!
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LOL ROFLCOPTER O heck no! I could never have envisioned that! Unh-unh! 

Now, for real, though, I LOOOOVE the artwork. You have done a dang sight better job than what I could have done! You deserve an A+++++! I guve it a five star!
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I might sound weird, but this is cute.
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Anyway, nice picture! I like it!
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Oops, I mean picture, sorry! Kinda messed up right here.
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Nice one-shot. I'll named her 'Strombella'.
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What about Monstro? Could you make a female Monstro?
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Maybe...I still have a long list to go before I even get there! haha
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Love the left puppet!
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I think this one is the best of the ones I have seen so far!
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I love the dolls expressions, you did a awesome work, continue that way!
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omg I'm a girl I find fem stromboli attractive?! You hero!
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