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Disney Villainettes - John Silver

Hello! Finally, here is the latest Villainette, Captain John Silver from Treasure Planet! Hurray!

I just realized when I was making this that I only submitted ONE Villainette in 2011! How terrible! I vow to submit at least 3 this year!

Anyway, hope you like this... every time I watch Treasure Planet I don't get why it bombed so badly! It really is a good movie IMO, visually stunning and of course, Treasure Island is one of my all-time favorite books!

Face & Morph [link]
Treasure Chest [link]
Planet [link]

Coming up next: Voodoo Man from The Princes and the Frog


Disney Villainettes:
Captain Hook
Governor Ratcliffe
Compilation One
John Silver

For more information on the series, read [link]
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another110's avatar

When are we going to see the next one? I'm dying to know.

You think you can do Disney villains from cartoon shows like Hannibal Mcfist from Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja, Dr. Doofensmirtz from Phineas and Ferb, Phyllis Benedict from recess or even Cedric from Sofia the First?
You should do make versions of the female villains
HeroicRebellion's avatar
Oh, I will love to see that! XD
JontheCat's avatar
I don't even think He's really a villain
Twiggipop's avatar
The background of this is mesmerizing. *u*

And you've captured Silver's essence wonderfully.
Twiggipop's avatar
Also, I must commend you on your level of improvement!
Twiggipop's avatar
From the time you started Hades until now, that is. o 3o Sorry for the 2398012423 comments.
She looks like Tina Fey XD
Voaz-Kzrhovb's avatar
what?? how is he the villain? i thought...


I must see that movie again (it's only been since the year it came out since i've seen it ^^; )
Kerevon's avatar
It was a complicated film. Yes, Silver was technically the villain, if he had a heart of go- slightly tarnished silver.
Voaz-Kzrhovb's avatar
Lol nice word play I like that response XD
Kerevon's avatar
Eeyup. Worst part was I only realized it AFTER I posted the comment.
RomanceFreak's avatar
I am just LOVING these!!
freewolf17's avatar
So would it be Joan Silver now? :D I must say you did a good job with this! I normally don't like genderbenders but you draw the villanettes so well :D
SilverAmbrosia's avatar
I absolutely adore your Villainettes series. Subbing and faving. :D
lesmislover88's avatar
What's he/she from? Awesome job!
blastedgoose's avatar
Treasure Planet, 2002 :)
2wingo's avatar
Great work! Who's next?
TNBCCBARTIST247's avatar
Wonderful details you did in this piece,and I think you did a good job on the gender bend on Silver too. ^-^
bestmand902's avatar
one imagines how the original stories'd play out with female villains.
ResidentEddy's avatar
so far, this is the ONLY Disney villain I know to have a happy ending.
blastedgoose's avatar
Amos Slade from Fox and the Hound ends up okay, if you count him :p
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