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Disney Villainettes - Jafar

Quite different from the rest in terms of level of detail! I am really trying to push myself in terms of background, I feel I've gone a long way since my first Villainette, Hades! I can't take all the credit though; I actually took a screenshot from a scene in the cave of wonders and heavily, heavily referenced it.

Yes I know--only the chosen one Aladdin should be able to enter--but hey, when you're this sexy, even some ancient tiger can't resist!

Coming up next: clayton or shan-yu


Disney Villainettes:
Captain Hook
Governor Ratcliffe
Compilation One
John Silver

For more information on the series, read [link]
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nolongerhere-solong's avatar
Looks like a succubus. x3
JohnPeacekeeper's avatar
Especially genderbent, Jafar still looks better than his sister
forget the lamp. She could easily just seduce the sultan in marrying her.
RomanceFreak's avatar
Wow!! Such beauty!! great work!!
Hotcouture9's avatar
Sexy and bad assed!
warahi's avatar
"Jafar, as your right hand-bird I highly approve of your latest wish!"
zzzzxx's avatar
chillinchikjw's avatar
I smell a cosplay attempt coming on just might have to attempt this when I get better at sewing and give u props for the design XD
blastedgoose's avatar
Show me pics if you ever do it! :D
chillinchikjw's avatar
yes yes of course! :D
xkooliox's avatar
I think I know where Iago is looking!!!
LeNoraNightFluffyTai's avatar
GokuMartin's avatar

That's what you get when you make Jafar female.

Does anyone else remembers Sadira? Or the TV show as a whole, for that matter?
bluebelle-88's avatar
She looks amazing. Love the whole outfit. And the background is perffect.
lewok's avatar
does anyone else notice where iago is looking?
MasterOfTheSquirls's avatar
Dear lord those shoes look painful o.O
Freddy1016's avatar
i can see why jafar would like her.
Cool, I like! :)
BothersomeKitsune's avatar
Dang! Even Aladdin hates to admit but Jafar is smoking hot!
Aladdin: I did not say that! *looks at Jasmine*
KonekoTsukino's avatar
Oooohhh, I like her a lot!!! So evil, I love it!
SouthernHoney090's avatar
This is great! I love it! :)
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