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Disney Villainettes - Hades

That's right, it's Disney's Hades as a woman, and she's a bitch and you know it! I wanted to join SmyrnaSketcher's Hades ArtJam thingamajigger [link] but as you all would know, I suck crap at drawing two-legged creatures who have objects hanging down between their legs (I don't mean tails). So, in a very traditional cough: predictable:cough Mae-style style, I have reversed Hades' gender! (see allusion to [link] )

I'm thinking of turning this into a series, if I have time and if people respond to it well. I know "Disney Bitches" sounds so wrong on many levels but I couldn't find a synonym for bitch other than cunt, which is wronger. And um yeah. So from now on, Disney male villains => Disney Bitch, you dig?

POSSIBLY coming up next: Gaston or Hook.


Disney Villainettes:
Captain Hook
Governor Ratcliffe
Compilation One
John Silver

For more information on the series, read [link]
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Shouldn't it be Persephone or Hekate?
RogueForMetalRock's avatar
Uh, I don't think that's Hades.  I think that's someone even WORSE!  Namely, his vengeful wife, Persephone.
cksheppard's avatar
Wow! I like the outfit you made for the female Hades! She's so cute in this one!
MissJLondon's avatar
Hey i just wanted to say you have inspierd me to make a cosplay out of this im basing this of your design hope you dont mind x
blastedgoose's avatar
Send me a photo if you can? I'm curious to see how this looks! :)
MissJLondon's avatar
I will do photts beeing processing now were doing a big cosplay group of your disney villians this october so hopefully it will look awesome :)
HerMajestyVB's avatar
Wow this is GREAT!!!! I wanna do a female Hades costume and this is great inspiration!! :D <3
Saxibelle17's avatar
or this could be Persphone? Just an idea.
cjbolan's avatar
Nice job!!! I love how drew the hair, plus I'm all for Disney genderbends

If you're interested, I drew something similar (feedback welcome!):

If you're interested, I drew something similar (feedback welcome!): [link]

Keep up the good work!
BlackWidowPoptropica's avatar
im bored and i found this :dummy: im happy now
yournamehere8888's avatar
Does this mean that Cerberus is has also been bent or is it just hades.
blastedgoose's avatar
yournamehere8888's avatar
Oh, pity.
I bet he'dook nice bent, there are many creative liberties with his case after all.
richieisla's avatar
that is not hades
DarkTyranitar21's avatar
jeez....i mean its nice but funny
Hotcouture9's avatar
Love it!!!!!!!!
zzzzxx's avatar
Oh it's Persephone hi there goddess of the doomed
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