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Disney Villainettes - Gaston

Jan 25, 2010

What a coincidence that I edited this exactly a year later!

Anyway, I started noticing some serious flaws, so I decided to tweak it. Mostly worked on the face and shadowing. Sorry if you guys are sick of seeing this deviation so many times already. It's not the first time it's been edited!

Comparison of old and new: [link]
Jan 25
Move over Belle! There is a new bitch in town!

Yes the wolf is lame. But Hades had Cerberus, so I figured Gaston needed an animal too! And what animal is "bad" in Beauty and the Beast? THE WOLVES! The poor wolvies who the Beast scared half to death in the forest scene.

Couldn't find ANY reference of those BatB wolves! I had to youtube it and hit pause, and it was so blurry. And no shadows. So basically I made it up. I'm VERY BAD at drawing animals (worse than drawing two-legged creatures with things hanging down between their legs). But I'm satisfied, so you guys better be too! HMF!

Coming up next: Hook


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How ironic you out a wolf next to Gaston since originally in the film, Gaston survive his fail, but broke his leg and ends up getting eaten by the wolves. That villain death would be reused with Scar when he betrays his hyena minions and as a result, tore him apart and ate him.
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I can just imagine a male Beauty and the Beast in a gender twist. Handsome and the Beast.
Gastonette: I'll have Handsome for my husband. One way or the other.
JenniferCulverhouse's avatar
Yeah I want to see a strong, muscley Gaston
ToonEGuy's avatar
No one can look more feminine like Gaston!
Mallory36's avatar
You know, I've been thinking... would she even be a villain?

I mean, one of the big reasons Gaston was able to be the villain he was in the movie was because he was the strong, powerful town hero who everyone loved. If Gaston were a woman, she'd be treated as an outcast. No one would see her as a hero who could do no wrong, or even so much as respect her. They'd see her as weird and wrong for not acting like a woman was supposed to. She'd certainly be more sympathetic than canon Gaston.
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:icongastonplz::iconsaysplz:No one dose rule 63 like Gaston!
guy-named-Paul's avatar
Even in tights I'm INTIMIDATING!
Pewycert's avatar
No one genderbends like Gaston!
zzzzxx's avatar
No one is lesbian like Gastonette!
Sar94's avatar
haha I have a friend named Gaston but I think naming a daughter gastonette would be really mean :3
blastedgoose's avatar
Oh yah she's totes lesbian.
lesmislover88's avatar
I love how small you made him/her. Usually, Gaston looks like he's on steroids!
Gaston: Now every day I eat five dozen eggs...
LeFou: Told you he was on steroids.
ChibiJazz143's avatar
You know she looks like an older bitchier Melody from Little Mermaid 2 lol
Seri-goyle's avatar
"No one's neck is incredibly think like Gaston's?"

I dunno, this one is too thin to be real. Gaston would probably make a better butch type.
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Agreed. I've debated several times in my head whether I should redo this piece from scratch, given that I've modeled my recent Villainettes to more accurately reflect the original characters. I've decided against it simply for the sake of showing progress (this was my 2nd Villainette)--although, that's not to say I won't change my mind in the future.

Appreciate the honest critique! :)
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Thank you for taking it so well. It is a nice pic, just doesn't remind me of Gaston. You could always keep this one and do a second one with a different body style, and show your progress even more. :)
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once again well done
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iv never liked gaston, but love the pic. <3
dibtio's avatar
love the hair. :)
dragonheart333's avatar
a female Gaston scary!
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