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Disney Villainettes, Cycle One

Just a compilation of the villains I've done so far! Based on my list, we have enough for three cycles of 6, so you have 12 more to look forward to, yay!


Disney Villainettes:
Captain Hook
Governor Ratcliffe
Compilation One
John Silver

For more information on the series, read [link]
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When are you going to finish your Disney Villainettes Collection here on DeviantArt?

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like the way u made them all.
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I would SO molest that version of Jafar... O: Smexah. Frollo still looks like an old hag... O.o
Donniegirl5's avatar
you should try the shadow man from princess and the frog I just figure I give you an Idea if what to take up the option up to you if like my Idea I love your work. ^_^
blastedgoose's avatar
I actually started on him last January and he's just been sitting unfinished on my desktop for months :p
Donniegirl5's avatar
Oh okay I'd like to see it when you get done with it i like your drawings vary well done :sun:
nightangel5431's avatar
good work i love it
TwilightandAnimefan's avatar
Hook makes a good woman...should I be worried? xD I think I like his design best because it resembles Tangled's Mother Gothel a bit, and I love Gothel's design.
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LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!
DesultoryMoonlighter's avatar
anyone else agree that we need more villainous women in disney cartoon movies?
Tarnisis's avatar
This is a kwel idea. They all look awesome. :D
TheMidnightPanther's avatar
Love these guys and all the villanettes
blastedgoose's avatar
Thanks! Am struggling to find time to do the next one!
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AWESOME series. Brilliant. You put an interesting spin on existing characters, yet it's not difficult at all to tell who they were as men. You've straddled that line between "new" and "familiar" very well.

PROPS :heart:

Megami <3
blastedgoose's avatar
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I am loving this! Must fave!
disney-fairy's avatar
Awesome! These are incredible!
Have you seen that art jam?
blastedgoose's avatar
OH MY GOD, NO!!!! its perfect!
disney-fairy's avatar
I know! I'm glad I thought to show you! :D Too bad it isn't a contest, you'd for sure win.
blastedgoose's avatar
It's funny because I actually got the original idea from an Art Jam too! It was about Hades--draw him in any way you want! And obviously I chose to change his gender, and that's how the series was born.
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