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Disney Villainettes - Captain Hook

The more I looked at this, the more her entire face and deformed hand bothered me, so I've decided fix those!

Dunno if anyone will notice the difference, but I sure hell do!

Old version: [link]

So as you can see, I finally changed the named to Disney Villainettes, since I didn't like how obnoxious "bitch" sounded!

Here is Captain Hook(er) hehe. I decided I needed to push myself in terms of making backgrounds, since I am so lousy at them and I need practice. I feel sometimes that my finished products get destroyed because of how ugly the backgrounds are, and all the effort put into the main character end up being wasted. Obviously, this background is not perfect, but it sure looks a lot less lazy than filling it with one color and slapping a texture on top of it! I am actually rather proud of this one--I think it's one of the best backgrounds I've ever made (which is kind of sad, but definitely a step forward!!! :) )

Coming up next: Frollo


Disney Villainettes:
Captain Hook
Governor Ratcliffe
Compilation One
John Silver

For more information on the series, read [link]
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she kinda looks like mother Gothel  
Cps43327097's avatar
cute but I don't think she would stand that close to the crocodile, seeing as she got her hand cut off by Petra Pan.
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I HATE, I HATE PETER PAN! :iconanimatedpinkheartplz:
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I just wanted to let you know that the facebook page "Disney Genderbends" Has posted this art without credit (They just credited it). I'm trying to go through and alert all the artists this person has posted.
blastedgoose's avatar
Thank you for doing this! Truly appreciate guys like you :)
kisa-tiger13666's avatar
NP I tried letting as many people as I could know
E-Sane's avatar
Now I know why Tic-Tock Croc chases Hook.
PeterSassyPan's avatar
Great job!.. I wonder if Pan will still hate. Hook!. lol or possibly end up having a small boyish crush on her...
Looks like Mother Gothel's twin
Nnaliseaai's avatar
She reminds me of Mother Gothel. 
TheDreweMaster's avatar
Ooooooh! :wow: Hook's hot! I wonder if the crocodile is looking at her like that for her taste or sexiness.
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Ahaha XD Captain Hooker!!!
RaeRae131's avatar
love this series!
cleverly done :D
and great art to x
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Interesting fact: During the production of the 1904 play, J.M. Barrie, the man who created Neverland & it's characters had originally planned to have actress Dorothea Baird play both Mrs. Mary Darling & Captain Hook.
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I'd like to eat her too
lesmislover88's avatar
The crocodile looks completely horny. In a good way, of course.
Great job! Beautiful, as always.
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Anamaria with a hook.

That's Anamaria.

Seriously, it's her.
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