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Disney Hunger Games

Note: I STRONGLY recommend you to DOWNLOAD this for FULL-VIEW! OR ELSE I will set my tracker jackers lose on you!!!

Tada! Been working on this for over a month! I know some characters are missing but after a lot of thinking, these were the ones who made it! I based my decision on how well he/she fit the District specialization and how angry fans would be if I didn't include him/her.

District 1 (Luxury) - Aladdin & Jasmine I had to choose characters who represented luxury, at the same time intimidating enough to be Careers. With themes like greed & temptation (Cave of Wonders) and Aladdin's misguided notion that love can be won with power and riches, they seemed to be a good fit.

District 2 (Masonry) - Shang & Mulan Shang and Mulan is the only Disney couple who are both military trained, so it makes sense they belong in the District that specializes in weapons and Capitol soldiers. Also, I can def see them as Careers.

District 3 (Technology) - Milo & Kida Who else imagined Beetee to look like Milo in the books? I did! I know Atlantis isn't one of the more popular movies, but Milo and Kida fit in so well that I couldn't leave them out! Plus the movie's steam punk vibe totally fits the HG!

District 4 (Fishing) - Eric & Ariel Need I say more?

District 5 (Power) - Hercules & Meg Power has a triple meaning here. In the books, it refers to electricity, which goes hand in hand with the God of Thunder's son. The second meaning is physical power, which Hercules possesses. Thirdly, the movie is all about the power of love, which is what drove Meg to sacrifice her life for Herc, and vice versa.

District 6 (Transportation) - Naveen & Tiana I thought of transportation here in an abstract sense. Of the Disney movies, the Princess and the Frog was the one that focused most on the concept of journey: the literal journey from the town to the Bayou and back, the emotional journey from ambition/greed to love, and the transformational journey from frog to human.

District 7 (Lumber) - Tarzan & Jane I know lumber comes from the forest and Tarzan is set in the jungle but SHUSH! It fits okay???

District 8 (Textile) - Charming & Cinderella Cinderella is basically a story about how a maid snagged a prince because she was wearing a nice outfit. Textiles = cloth = outfit. So there.

District 9 (Grain) - Beast & Belle This was the hardest to place. Beast and Belle fit NONE of the Districts, but they fell into the category of "how angry fans would be if I didn't include him/her." I tried to justify it by thinking that grain = seed = rose? Contrived but there you go. By the way... in this world, Beast is a muttation. When he was a child, he was affected by some radiation or whatever, but it only affected his physical appearance so he's still eligible to compete in the HG.

District 10 (Livestock) - Quasimodo & Esmeralda Nothing too deep...I thought of Esmeralda's goat and that was enough for me. Why not Phoebus? Because I hate him.

District 11 (Agriculture) - John Smith & Pocahontas Corn!

District 12 (Mining) - "The Prince" & Snow White The dwarfs were miners! Close enough! Oh and here's some trivia for you. People think Cinderella and Snow White's princes were both named "Charming" but actually, SW's prince has never been referred to as such. He's simply "the Prince."

On a side note, I can totally imagine their Disney costumes to be their Tribute Parade outfits. Particularly Shang/Mulan and Eric/Ariel (in full mermaid get-up). haha

So yeah! Who do you think would win? I put my money on Mulan! My boyfriend says Hercules but looking at his character, I don't think he is capable of killing a woman. I see Beast as kind of like Thresh; his heart will betray him in the end.

Let the Games begin!
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If I do a Hunger Games simulator based on this, could I post it on here. I'll credit you, send you the link to it, and let you pick the arena events.

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Mulan and Shang are gonna be busy stacking the corpses of their enemies.

Kiro-Kurusu's avatar

wow epic. which couple is your no. 1?

Austria-Man's avatar

Very great pic and idea!

That would be a cool inspiration for a video game.

Who of the girls could be the most similar to Jennifer Lawrence?

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This is fantastic! One other double-meaning I noticed is that for District 6, theyre known for camouflage, and Tiana and Naveen as frogs, would make great use of camouflage!

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My money is either on Kida, Esmerelda, or Tarzan
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I think Milo and Kida would win. The gem heals all their wounds and keeps them practically immortal. They’d simply outlive everyone else.
MyWorldMyLifeMyNight's avatar
I fricking love you for doing this. thank you
Midnight-Lovestruck's avatar
I love how serious and determined they all look.
LafayetteHardRocklik's avatar
District 10 would win. Hands down. No one beats Quasi and Esmerela
Nexils's avatar
I bet Hercules and the Beast think otherwise.
But I do agree that Quasi, Hercules, Beast and perhaps Tarzan and Shang will drag their teammates to victory.
minotaurlord9's avatar
Do not forget that Mulan is a fighter. Shang would not drag her to victory.
Omegaman120's avatar
Awww. No Flynn rider and Rapunzel?
Bluiebirdie17's avatar
So glad you included Quasimodo and Esmeralda! (I don't like Phoebus either) 
inlovesgrasp's avatar
Cool! Also another little tidbit of trivia (you probably already know this) The Prince in Snow White, his real name has been revealed to be Ferdinand. But anyway way awesome drawing and I think you did the pairings with the districts well, I can totally picture the characters belonging to the districts you chose. :) (Smile) 
Fallen9Reaper's avatar
I would watch this movie anyone else
Pvision1's avatar
Tarzan and Jane would win 🙃
DisnerdJay's avatar
Yay I want Mulan to win too!
Eavese's avatar
These all actually make perfect sense
haha I may have spent too much time analyzing this, but it was really fun!…

Seriously love your work <3
I may do one with a single victor later on. That definitely changes things :3
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Shang & Mulan will rek them all!
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This is based on if they have their powers from the movies: if not who cares?

I believe that for the men: it'll come down to The Beast, Hercules, Shang, and Tarazan. However I believe that Hercules will win ultimately due to his strength and want to protect Megara. Shang would put up an interesting fight, but be overpowered, The Beast would have no advantage due to Herc being used to monsters and Tarazan would be able to survive but pure speed, but once caught he'd be doomed. Example: I can see Tarazan trying to choke Herc out with his arms or vines, with the vines Herc can just grab and pull Tarazan to him, or just rip the vines off and away from his neck, and if Tarazan tries to his his arms to choke Herc I can see Herc pulling those straight out of their sockets and off of Tarazan.

Also three of the four men mentioned above would send more time trying to protect their loved ones then themselves which could lead to some bad side effects.
Also if Meg was killed by someone Herc would spend the rest of the game hunting that person and tearing them apart.

For the women Mulan is the clear choice because she is the only one who really knows how to fight.

I do believe however if Herc protected her long enough Meg would win simply because Herc would kill himself to let her win if they didn't come up with the poison berries like Katniss did.
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