My 1st Comic book Project taking shape!

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My very first comic project is finally taking shape!!! And all it took was a pandemic to get me out of my previous 50-hour week bullshit job! :lol: It's a small self-contained project, kind of me dipping my toes to get a feel for it, but it will most definitely fit into my main comic's universe.

Without revealing too much because it IS still being developed, I have titled it Reck7ess. It takes place in a Sci-fi, Afro-Indonesian world, and it is inspired by the likes of Seven Samurai and Gantz! That's all I will say for now, as I retreat back underneath my rock and continue fleshing this thing out!

I am so excited and I hope you guys stick around for more tidbits! I will be uploading character sheets and artwork soon!

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Love to hear it! Keep ownership of it!

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Hmm, I think it is a cool idea. Indonesia is not often used in pop culture compared to most Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand. But I bet the comic is really great to read about.