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A preview of things to come.

Btw I am still accepting commissions! Check out my rate and send me a message if interested!

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This looks really good I think shading will bring it together
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why does she have leopard spots?
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Those are tattoos :)
sharksang's avatar
ok just wanted to know
Oh nice, Orchid again!  Looking forward to seeing her...
Yakuza55's avatar
The combination of light and dark values gives it a really nice touch to how the color is affected.
In simple this is really nice
Bon3z's avatar
is it orchid from killer instinct? I could be wrong or I could be right ;-)
Blasian89's avatar
I wonder :D

Yeeaahhh you got it right lmao
Inkbleedful's avatar
Whats the best way you can explain how to use layers in photoshop?
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As in what they're used for? or literally how to access them and create new layers and such?
Inkbleedful's avatar
"literally how to access them and create new layers and such?" Yes. You see I'm having a difficult time understanding how to use layers properly when attempting to create digital art, one of the programs I have is adobe photoshop elements 8.0 I've been experimenting with it for quite some time and well I've been doing poorly. If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated?
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Ah, I think that's the problem right there, Photoshop Elements is basically a restricted/stripped-down version of photoshop, and unfortunately Im not familiar with that program :( I believe it's more for touching up photography, rather than creating digital art.
Inkbleedful's avatar
Well do you have any recommendations?
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Well, if you can afford it (or find other...not so honest means of acquiring lol) I recommend getting either Photoshop CS4, 5 or 6.

Do you have a mac or PC? If you have a PC there are also alternatives you could try like Open Canvas, Gimp, or Paint Tool Sai. Corel Painter 12 is also a great painting program that I use, and it's supported on Mac and PC. Autodesk sketchbook pro(another program i use) is great for sketching/drawing line art.
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Have fun! And stay safe!
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Blasian89's avatar
Thanks! I will:D
ChiliGarlic's avatar
you do pages as well? AWESOME! x'))
Blasian89's avatar
well im still trying to get my feet wet, so to speak lol
blackphoenixRico's avatar
Bout time lol been waitin for years for u to make one
monderigon's avatar
I like that you use sketchbook :)
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