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Young, Pretty and Dangerous [CM] by Blarien Young, Pretty and Dangerous [CM] by Blarien
The reason why I haven't been posting any new stuff.. I wanted to post them together

Dina, Jay and Vicky belong to my friend who commissioned me to draw them.

I drew Vicky first as an art trade but my friend didn't have any time to do her part so we decided that she would pay for it because it was a lot trial and error with hair, face and outfit. She first was wearing the jacket that Dina ended up with (that's why Dina doesn't have body sketch. It was practically same as for Vicky) and then my friend asked me to draw her in a dress.

Dina's picture was cursed (or that's how it felt). I didn't get the hand right and when I was shading Sai decided to close itself.. multiple times. Fortunately I managed to finish her in the end.

Jay took the longest to finish. He had like thousands of different sketches because my friend was not sure yet how she wanted Jay to look like. I had no ide what kind of tattoos I should do for him and so didn't my friend either so probably if I am going to draw him again tattoos might look a little bit different...
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