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Honesty [I.NJ.B.A.W] by Blarien Honesty [I.NJ.B.A.W] by Blarien
"I really need to tell this to someone Blari... I may need to leave the Group.."
"What happened?" Blari asked and her friend just started crying. Ginger tabby she-cat was confused and worried because of her friend.
"It's okay... I won't tell anyone"

A little bit of a backstory about this whole thing: Jan, Blari and Shar are part of a group which is lead by Thomas, Jan's mate. The size of the group varies between three and seven as cats tend to find their own path either with the clan cats or in kittypet life. Only few have stayed with Thomas's group and Jan and Blari are one of those cats. Shar joined the group couple moons before Jamien and now with them is also Joris named tom cat who has being quite problematic and because of him Thomas has been tense and acting cold towards Jan and others. Because of this Jan started to spend time with Jamien and developed feelings towards this tom. One night Jan came to speak with Blari who has known Jan for a long time now. They moved together before they met Thomas and Blari had acted as Jan's big sister so they know each other very well. After Jan started being Thoma's mate Jan and Blari started to stop talking about stuff and they weren't that close anymore. Blari still cared about Jan and she hopes that Jan felt the same way too but because of the not-talking to each other Blari was surprised that Jan one night came to talk to her almost crying. Blari had been feeling sad and hurt because of Jan ignoring her time to time but when Jan came to her that night Blari forgot those feelings and she was willing to do everything to help her old friend. She never stopped caring about her.


Sorry for missing a week and not posting a thing. I have been doing so much school stuff and then I got sick (just before exams yay.....) and I forgot that I had these older pictures that I could post :d
Nyltiac-and-Firestar Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
The lighting and expressions are wonderful! I especially like the second panel.
Blarien Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^^ I should try to do more of these kind of pics because they are good practice for me :D
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