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Yokai Love You! TOO!! Chibi Set by BLARGEN69 Yokai Love You! TOO!! Chibi Set by BLARGEN69
It's been almost exactly one year since the creation and unveiling of the cast to my future comic Yōkai Love You!

And it's incredible how much it's grown since then, I have so many finished scripts stories and characters still yet to be shown publicly, but I definitely intend to soon! I never expected a simple idea to grow as much as it has, so much so, that within the last few months an idea for a sequel blossomed and has grown into something just as large. Finally I can talk about it and start sharing! I have two pieces for you guys this week to introduce you to the future cast of


This project's gonna be very different from most of my stories you guys have seen though... Mostly because, it isn't going to be a comic! The main series may be a comic, but the sequel is going to be a visual novel!!! AND DATING SIM..... Heavy emphasis on that second part haha, what better way to carry on the spirit of a comic that at it's core is a romantic comedy though??

Taking place in the small Japanese town of Yokkaido in the not too distant future, you find yourself forming a small friend group called your Loser's Club which quickly becomes an amateur detective agency when your town is being savaged by a mysterious serial killer. You and your friends quickly deduce the killer is clearly supernatural, and as your fears in the paranormal begin to expand the quicker you realize that the supernatural is actually all around us if you just believe. All manner of Yokai inhabit your town for you to meet and interact with as you survive the perils of this murder investigation, the greater perils of your high school years, and the greatest peril of all... FINDING LOVE.

Here's a couple of main characters from the game!!

Puraya- Is, as my oh so subtle naming suggests, the player character. They are generally a blank slate so the player will be able to self-insert for the most part. Because of that in-canon Puraya is pretty much a quiet and reserved shy kid. Their most distinguishing feature and the one true piece of backstory I force upon in a playthrough is that of his one cybernetic hand prosthesis. A horrible accident ended up taking his hand, he is lucky enough to live in an age when replacements can be made but unlucky enough to come from a family not wealthy enough for a top of the line model. It may look nice, but the fact that you can even tell it's a replacement is problematic. Generally cybernetic implants are meant to be covered with artificial flesh but you can't afford it, Puraya is incredibly self-conscious of the hand which plays an important role in certain routes.

Hanako- in the top left is no doubt a familiar face to you all! She returns from the original series cast as a main character in the game, though one could hardly recognize her in terms of her personality. The once-constantly depressed self-loathing and sobby baby from the comic has grown out of her old shell and become so much more out-going positive and upbeat, and has a major boost in self-confidence, she's brimming with energy and gone are the days of hiding in toilets. She loves making new friends and is NOT afraid to do it anymore. She sports a cute new outfit too, as bright as her new personality. Hanako joins the Loser's Club after you guys discover her haunting your school's bathroom.

Rai- if we go clockwise, is richest girl in town and the most popular girl in school. Everybody wants to be with her, and everybody wants to be her. She dresses like some sort of idol every day. Kids flock just to stand in her shadow practically, and even Marco early in-game creates the Rai Fan Club. Rai may be cute but she's one nasty girl, the definition of a mean girl, your very introduction to her is that of her bullying you and your first friend. Something she makes a habit of doing, she constantly shows up just to taunt and tease and even when she unofficially becomes a member of the friend group still persists, she's very brash, loud, and out-spoken. And is prone to pranking people no matter who they may be cause she knows she can always get away with it.

Natsumi- could take the crown for the biggest Loser in the Loser's Club most would say. He's a complete mess emotionally and is always on the verge of crying over something, he's constantly depressed, and a major pushover. He is also a serious mess medically, always getting sick and suffers migraines almost daily. Like most of you kids outside of Rai he had pretty much zero friends before meeting you guys. It's a shame because once you get to know him he's loyal and sweet to the end. He makes sure to ignore his problems as best he can so as to not burden others and generally forgets he's even feeling sick when he's around you guys. The Loser Club hang-outs are the highlight of his otherwise pretty sad life. Outside the Club Natsumi might look like the lamest most depressing person to be around but within it he quickly shows his cool side and can be very fun and excitable. Something he gets embarrassed about instantly.

01- underneath Natsumi is a robot you guys discover later within the town's dump, which is absolutely crawling with Tsukomogami; inanimate objects that come to life after periods of time or abandonment by their former owners. Almost all the objects within the garbage heap have become haunted!!! This robot however is a strange case, no one can quite tell what it's true beef is. Is it a Yokai as well inhabiting the robot body, or is it actually an artificial intelligence? No one is sure, and neither is the robot itself! This causes some issues questioning whether it is the supernatural killer or if it's impossible that it could be due to the laws of robotics stopping it. Even if it abides by the laws, it's seemingly a recalled model that was thrown away, perhaps it was acting outside the three laws! It's a mystery. 01 is like a small child when you guys first meet it, but it learns and grows very quickly. It is incredibly reliant upon communication and interaction to build it's personality and relies on you guys to develop itself emotionally once they join the friend group. No matter what it's personality it gains it always has a shred of weird eccentricity to it. As 01 matures it eventually decides it wants to be as fully human as possible, hoping for a full human skin covering so it can fit in. It decides for itself whether it genders itself a boy or girl, the two chibis on the far left and the far right are their potential male and female forms! 

Sayu- to their left is a weird girl who enters your school once you guys start your second years. She is quite the weirdo. She talks to herself all the time, is prone to laughing at seemingly nothing at complete random, likes to bring bugs to school she recently captured, and is extremely loud and hyperactive at all times. She's also very pushy and likes to think everybody is her friend, making gifts for people who haven't even spoken a word to her sometimes. She is very creative and makes cute art as well as craftwork that she sells on Etsy (nobody buys anything from her though*cries*). All of her wardrobe is entirely hand-made by herself as well, and her sense of fashion sure makes her stick out of the crowd. Sayu's eccentricities can make her difficult to deal with for most people and because of that she is a perfect member for the Loser's Club!... If it weren't for one major problem she causes for them, when she develops a psychotic level of obsession when she goes full Yandere for Natsumi after forming a crush.

Marco- is your first friend you make in the game. A transfer student from Mexico, and the son of a very wealthy drug cartel leader. Marco is a crazy high power level weeaboo that could make even the biggest otaku blush. His obsession with Japan was so large that he begged his father to let him live 'a kawaii Japanese high school life' so was sent to live in the small town of Yokkaido. Marco unfortunately becomes a victim of the serial killings almost immediately, his death prompting your Loser's Club to investigate into things finally. He returns as a ghost due to dying so horribly, which spurs everybody's belief in the supernatural opening the door to all the crazy things in-town. Don't worry too much, Marco may be dead and in pieces now but he could care less honestly. In fact he seems to enjoy his afterlife experience after all spying on girls is a lot easier when you're a ghost. Marco's narcoleptic, which makes him a pain sometimes to lug around. He also slept through his murder so is useless immediately in terms of ascertaining who killed him. People at school call him Marco the Narco which is the only way to get on his bad side as he thinks it's a reference to his father's business which he tries to avoid. Marco's biggest waifu is Rai, he forms a fan club for her, has a plush of her, a shirt, and thinks they're destined to be together since they're both the richest kids in town.
That's it for now, I will post more stuff of this cast as well as other characters yet to be seen in the future hopefully. As for now, I have another piece with these kids that will be uploaded on Thursday. I'll also talk a bit more about some of them and their personalities as well as interactions in the description for that so look forward to it!!

And here's just a few samples of some recent cute art of some of the characters from some amazing and great artists!
I'd post more if I could but DA's stupid thumbnail limit won't let me, please visit the YLU! folder in my favs for more! *o*
Or visit the section of my profile for it!~

Also a great big shoutout to TwinklePrince for helping me perfect the design of Natsumi!! :heart:v:heart:

 commission 137 by grimay [COM] Girlfriends (Speedpaint) by Nifffi commission 136 by grimay Art trade with Blargen69 by Nifffi 
And if you are not familiar with the original cast and premise of Yōkai Love You!
(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ you can read about it in the pieces below! ~
Yokai Series Main Cast by BLARGEN69
Yokai Cast Relationships by BLARGEN69
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TuxedoLynx Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Marco is totally you isn't he? xD Don't think I didn't I spot all those different references on him. ;P And of course you added Hanako, one of your prior waifus lol. 
Ok, seriously though, I'm loving this concept, especially being a dating sim/visual novel with yokai. I'll have to share this one with my friend for sure, he loves these kind of things and themes. :)
And of course, the characters are all interesting, as always. Natsumi reminds me a bit of myself as well, with a bit of Sayu. (Especially her hair lol)
Nifffi Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay they're finally here! \(^7^)/
This might be your cutest chibis to date omg
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016   General Artist
Hnngh thank you so much, I knew you liked these but didn't know that much ah!!!!!! :heart:
Thank you for being so supportive with this cast and project lately, too, btw it means a lot!!
Mister-23 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016   Digital Artist
The blue haired girl in the top right is plain adorable.
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016   General Artist
Thank you so much!! Actually, that's a boy not a girl! xD I tried to go for something pretty femme with Natsumi though so sounds like I succeeded pfft- thank you again!
commandergrunt Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016   General Artist
I will take a page from FE and make sure to make that an actual feature, some of these kid are so weird they'd probably love it honestly
commandergrunt Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
Also, random time to remind you of this, but have you played Wadanohara yet HUH?
BABBY-PiNK Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
TFW I'm Sayu

But these characters are all great, as well as awesome!! Look forward to the future of your project.
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016   General Artist
I think there is a little bit of Sayu in all the best of us XD That's what makes life worth living

Thank you soooo much gosh!! That really means a lot to me, I hope you like where it goes! *U* I'm sad I can't start it already haha!
BABBY-PiNK Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You are taking your time on it, which is good! And you're welcome :D
DakotaStomp96 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Visual novel AND DATING SIM?! Basically Blagen the video game. You're moving way up in the world, friend!

Very fine characters and so cute to look at!:D (Big Grin) 
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016   General Artist
Is it that obvious? God I'm a mess and love to write romance more than anything for some reason I swear adsklfkmlds there's still so many pairings in Astronautical that have yet to get proper art too JUST SO MUCH ALL AROUND

Thank you so much!!!! I'm really glad you think they look good, some of em took a while to get appearances down well so that means a ton! *u*
DakotaStomp96 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
TBH, I still sometimes wish I had skills like yours to make some truly awesome characters. It's just looks like so much fun!
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