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Freedom Flyers Chibis
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Published: November 3, 2016
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Inktober: Day 17

Hmm.... *looks at date..*
Yeah I sure didn't get far with that did I XD SAKLDMASLD I regret making some of those Inktober pieces as big as I did. BUT. I had a full list of 31 pieces I was going to make and was freaking excited for some of them so darn it....

Day 17!!!

Within Astronautical's hidden underground world of human bug-mutants there exists a small faction of heroes that call themselves the Freedom Flyers. Consisting of Molly, Sacha, Frank, and their leader Barry. Who dedicate their lives to finding and aiding any and all lost and newly made fellow mutants to make sure they lead their life righteously and not using their abilities to bring harm to others or themselves. The Freedom Flyers is a concept that came to me a long time ago and grew and grew so much so that it's now got over 50 characters made for it specifically as well as tons of scripts for future comics. It will be the first Astronautical spin-off when the time comes!! Exploring what Molly does all the times she seems to be absent from main episodes with the Crew.

Molly for those who aren't familiar with her you can read about here! Being the main character, and in my top five favorite of my characters, she's gotten lots of love from me already.


Molly's New Threads by BLARGEN69
As for the others, two have gotten drawings but they are very very old! And poor Frank, this is his debut on DA!!! So I'll give a simple intro for the three of em~


Sergeant Barry Micheal Fairbanks is the leader of the Freedom Flyers. An ex US Marine. Barry is the first successful human insect hybrid created by the United States. He volunteered for the secret project, and became somewhat of a celebrity within the corps. Everyone thought he was cool, and he got super special treatment and he thought it was pretty sweet. That was until the day he discovered that he was the lucky one. Upon discovering how the US treated other hybrids, who were not so successful. That is to say like garbage, locked in cages treated like animals and abused and dehumanized, he was appalled. Realizing how most mutants will never get the success story that he had, he went awol and founded the Freedom Flyers with Sacha in an unexpected and oftentimes troublesome friendship and later romantic relationship. The two saved countless lives both hybrid and human over the years through their efforts.

Barry is an example of a hybrid that never lost any memories during their transformation process, while on that subject, no that is not armor he is wearing. That's a carapace grafted to the majority of his body that he's incapable of taking off, it's extremely resilient and strong to most weapons-fire and Barry's one tough cookie so even a blow that goes through he'll survive. Barry is extremely kind and friendly to everybody and always has a smile on his face and tries to joke through everything, he seems to almost never take anything seriously. Though he seems to take time to joke with everything and everyone, even enemies in battle, he's a very serious and skilled leader and tactician. Molly looks up to Barry the most within the group and hopes to be a selfless Samaritan like he is.


Sacha Babochka is one of the rare ones that fully retains all memory of their past life. In her case, intelligence agent for the KGB under the fallen Soviet Union. Displaced after the Iron Curtain fell, the Russians found no more use for the mutants they had secretly created during the War. She is actually one of the oldest living insectoid mutant hybrids on the planet, as the Russians beat the Americans to it after stealing American research papers on how to achieve it. When the USSR collapsed Sacha felt displaced, and defected. Her life was spent protecting the motherland and without it she felt purposeless. She ran into Barry soon after, whom she had met in many missions prior, usually being the only person who could outsmart and trick him, so he had a lot of respect for the girl. Both of them found it funny they'd been enemies for as long as they could remember for no better reason than they just blindly followed the orders of their superiors and 'creators', whom they both had just recently run away from. Despite it all, they both had one goal in mind which was to help the people who needed it most, that's when they founded the Freedom Flyers together.

Typically wearing her full body suit and helmet, most may not get to see it but under that helmet is a face befitting of a seductive Russian spy. Sacha's charms have got her through many espionage missions over the decades, but don't let her looks fool you. She flies like a butterfly, but she'll sting like a b*tch if you are a target on her hitlist. Sacha's extremely stealthy, surpassing even Molly's natural mantis-like quiet. Sacha is an expert in hand to hand combat, and can take on ten men at once bare-handed, despite being extremely short (about 5'). Most people underestimate her due to her size as well as being a butterfly, but they are in for a surprise. Nowadays, Sacha is Barry's girlfriend, but they sure seem to bicker a lot. It's never serious though, just their polar opposite personalities on display. Barry is the clown and Sacha is always serious, it does not help that most jokes fly over her head, usually thanks to the language gap. She still has a semi poor grasp on English, and it's pretty obvious when you hear her thick accent, when she doesn't get something it bugs her for ages. Barry likes to mess with her by calling her Babushka (a grandma)instead of Babochka which always sets her off. The two are deeply in love though, and it's just for fun. Besides Sacha usually gets her payback by planting tiny explosives in places Barry won't suspect that literally blow up in his face. He's so resilient to damage that they are like nothing to him, besides a nuisance and a mess. Molly loves Sacha, and she is one of the few people she can feel comfortable opening up to. They have deep and personal conversations together despite both having language problems. When around Sacha Molly's girly side is on full display, and it's pretty much the only time.


Frank "The Shank" Scorcese is a hybrid with a scorpion. A natural born red-blooded Texan and proud, Frank's the hot-head of the group for sure. Sporting a very violent disposition, Frank was a criminal and very dangerous man in his pre-mut life. Eventually landing himself in a high security prison after multiple run ins with the law. The warden was a crooked son of a gun though, and would sell off his inmates to the military. He didn't know what for, nor care, he just wanted the paycheck and tax breaks. The truth was the Military would take undesirables from society and use them for experimentation in the hybrid project. Frank escaped after becoming a huge success, but he was a changed man. Prison and the subsequent nightmare of his abduction made him realize the ramifications of his actions. Frank had a daughter, he rarely saw her after the divorce but whenever he got the time with her it was the rare times life had a semblance of meaning to him. She was his world, and why he even did the things he did, to be able to pay her child support bills as well as spoil her with gifts. He never wanted her to know where the money came from, because it was never good. He feared he may never see his little girl again after he was arrested, and seeing himself now he feared he may never be able to again without striking fear into her.

Believing his new Scorpion visage was karma at play for his sins, Frank decided to try to use his powers for good causes instead of bad, and began to go on personal missions to stop drug cartels and gangs and rid streets of crime. After a while, he was approached by Sacha who recruited him into the Freedom Flyers and the rest is history. Frank is an aggressive and violent person still, even with good intentions and he takes a very explosive approach to all things that makes him stand out amongst the rest of the group. Sometimes his approaches are a necessary evil though, and he makes sure to never take things TOO far. It's ironic that he can be so cruel sometimes yet uses his earnings for nothing except buying gifts for his daughter that he will sneakily leave her by her room window. Molly gets along with Frank better than any of the other members, he may not be the one she looks up to the most, but he is the one she can relate to the most. Both have very violent pasts and aggressive personalities, and also very dark senses of humor so get along perfecty, things get exciting as hell for Frank once Molly joins because sometimes Barry and Sacha can be a stick in the mud to him. At a certain point Molly seems to see Frank as sort of a father figure she's missing in her life.

The Enemy Team!!
Freedom Flyers Antags Chibis by BLARGEN69 

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Wow, I love how they look...the style is so great!
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HEY its Barry! Haven't seen him in a while. He's awesome. I still wanna build him out of Lego to. Can you believe I still have his head lying around my MOC room? Never took it apart cause it just went into this pile of WIPs and half finished ideas. :P
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Latvemeber, I like it.
As well as these fellow bug characters here. They look awesome. 
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I had to change it to something I'd feel like such a loser still calling it Inktober! XD I'm glad it sounds good, maybe I'll start an entire movement of people continuing unfinished Inktobers by calling them Latevember LONG LIVE procrastination!!!

THANKS BY THE WAY!!!! These guys are old now, but I love them so so much.
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You shouldn't feel bad, some people are still doing Inktober as we speak. From what one person told me, you can actually do it all year round if you want to. :I 

Yes that would be a good movement, and it'll be the start of a new trend. :la: 

Welcome. Ah I see, they are rather nice, and I can see why you like them. 
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