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Aloha from Alola!



I pulled an all-nighter for the big news and could not have been more happy, I NEED Sun & Moon to release already!! Well, actually, I guess I can finally say I need MOON already cause gosh I love the design of the Moon Legendary!!!

And I absolutely adore the starters too!! It's funny cause initially I didn't like any and thought they were all kinda bland and Popplio I even found gross but after the sixth time watching the trailer THEY ALL GREW ON ME SO MUCH and I love all three, to the point I have no clue who I am going to go with. I'm torn most between Rowlet and Popplio, this is definitely a case of needing to wait for the Evos to decide.

AND OH MY GOD am I just ecstatic about the region, I've wanted a Hawaiian region forever, considering Hoenn is my favorite region and this is gonna shape up to probably be like A MEGA HOENN I am just so happy! I can't wait to explore it!!! NOVEMBER CAn'T COME SOON ENOUGH

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Good Morning from Alola! by BLARGEN69 

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Cool and I love the way  wearing these glasses and licking its fur. It might as well be because I choose Litten... I CHOOSE YOU LITTEN! Icon