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Astronautical Fan Art, Trades, Etc.!!




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How should I upload my art from the last year?? 

47 deviants said A few each day til I catch up
23 deviants said All at once

Hey everybody!
Those who saw the Pokemon chibis know already, but to those who don't, I'm happy to announce I finally have a store!!!!!!!!!!! Please check out my



All of my Prints and Stickers that I make are up for sale!!! If you are interested in anything or interested in helping support me and my art please give them a look or help spread the word!
From now on with all future things that will go into my store I'll mention it in their descriptions here on DeviantArt, so keep an eye out!!
Thank you so much everybody!!

Pokemon Alola Sticker Set! (1 of 3) by BLARGEN69
Pokemon Alola Sticker Set! (3 of 3) by BLARGEN69Pokemon Alola Sticker Set! (2 of 3) by BLARGEN69
Metroid March - Samus Chibi Batch! by BLARGEN69Halloween Modern Classics Chibi Set by BLARGEN69
The Good The Bad and the Bugly by BLARGEN69Miss Kobayashi's Chibi Maids by BLARGEN69AssClass Chibis! by BLARGEN69
Jojo Part 3 Chibis - Sheet 1 by BLARGEN69Jojo Part 3 Chibis - Sheet 2 by BLARGEN69
OFF Chibis by BLARGEN69Space Pirate Chibis by BLARGEN69
Aliens Chibi Stickers Set by BLARGEN69Jojo Part 6 Chibis by BLARGEN69
Freedom Flyers Chibis by BLARGEN69Freedom Flyers Antags Chibis by BLARGEN69
Mermaid Chibi Stickers Set by BLARGEN69Yokai Love You! TOO!! Chibi Set by BLARGEN69


Skies Over Alola by BLARGEN69
Aloha from Alola! by BLARGEN69Good Morning from Alola! by BLARGEN69Fleur Cannon by BLARGEN69
A Boy and his Beast Killer by BLARGEN69It's Your Boyz! by BLARGEN69[AT] Hexy Lady by BLARGEN69
Just Married by BLARGEN69Chaos Garden by BLARGEN69Nightmare in Dreamland by BLARGEN69
The Light of Aether by BLARGEN69 Metroid March - True Peace in Space by BLARGEN69Metroid March - Big Momma's House by BLARGEN69 Metroid March - See You Next Mission! by BLARGEN69
Metroid March - New Nightmare by BLARGEN69Metroid March - Imperfect Fusion by BLARGEN69Metroid March - Hyper Beam'd! by BLARGEN69
Living the Dreem by BLARGEN69Enjoy Your Stay! by BLARGEN69To Far Away Times by BLARGEN69
High Spirits by BLARGEN69Fabulous Faculty by BLARGEN69Stone Ocean Squad Goals by BLARGEN69  The Frieza Saga by BLARGEN69
The Terror of Mechagodzilla by BLARGEN69 Shin Gojira by BLARGEN69 Killer Queen by BLARGEN69 No Tears Only Dreams Now by BLARGEN69

Gamera 50th Anniversary by BLARGEN69 Meido in Heaven by BLARGEN69 We Have an I-Rex by BLARGEN69

Sakura Snowfall by BLARGEN69Tsuuuu Name! by BLARGEN69Bubblegum Baby by BLARGEN69 Hot Pink by BLARGEN69
1 - 2 - SQUISH! by BLARGEN69 Jillian by BLARGEN69 Suzy by BLARGEN69 Bites the Dust-a by BLARGEN69
Astronautical Episode 1 Cover Redux by BLARGEN69  Astronautical Episode 2 Cover Redux by BLARGEN69  Astronautical Episode 3 Cover Redux by BLARGEN69  Girls! Girls! Girls! by BLARGEN69  Close Encounters of the Stupid Kind by BLARGEN69
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Christian Blargen
Artist | Varied
United States

★ Well Howdy there! My name's Christian Tyroch, but most call me Blargen. I'm an artist located in El Paso, Texas. I'm primarily a cartoonist and comic maker but I try to have versatility when it comes to my art and the mediums I use. My most personal project and the one you will see the most of is my comic series Astronautical, which you can read about further down the page.

☆ I'm very talkative and many say I talk TOO much, to them I say, you can never talk enough! I love reading and responding to comments more than anything and I try to make sure I respond to every one I receive, and more are ALWAYS encouraged. I've a busy life however and sometimes my inbox can really pile up so do not be offended if I take sometimes a day or two to get back to you. I'm very friendly always am willing to talk with just about anybody and am always looking for more friends!!

★ Art is my life I live and breath it, the same goes for my love of film and video games. My taste in both fields is extremely varied and ranges from the newest of each to the very early beginnings of film and interactive media history. I'm a lover of all genres and eras and am a huge film buff. My favorite film of all time is Jurassic Park. My favorite video games are all the Pokemon games; Emerald and Platinum being my favorites, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Katamari Damacy! *v*

☆ I can be a pain and constantly spout trivia about just about anything. I am a huge lover of biology and the natural world. If you can't tell by now my interests are so totally varied that we're bound to have something in common, so enough about me, let's talk about you~ Shoot me a comment! I LOVE MAKING NEW FRIENDS

★ Thanks for your support and viewership it means the world to me! ☆

:icontumblrplz: You can find me on Tumblr!
:icontwitterplz: Also on Twitter!
:iconfacebooklogoplz: Like me on Facespace!

:icontradesask: Don't be afraid to ask me about ART TRADES!! ~



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