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  • Listening to: Empire State of Mind - Jay Z [feat Alicia Keys] what do you guys thing I should draw next? What do you want to see?
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So I've given into the art craze and have gotten a blogspot!! I'll probably update that a lot more than Deviantart, but we'll see.
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Okay was it just me or Did January fly by? I'm pretty sure I blinked and it was over.  I really cracked down and tried to crank out some good work, but alas, I am never happy. I think there's maybe two pieces out of all that I've done, that I'm okay with. ANYWAY, I've decided to be a bit more liberal with  the 'Theme' for the month just because it seems repetitive to me. I kept drawing my OC's and it  old hat by now.

Granted, I don't mind drawing my OC's but I really want to expand the ol imagination. So  I'm just gonna have at it. So hopefully, I can expand the old portfolio. well yeah that's it.

Oh, and Feb theme is (Derrr) Love
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Phew. I've had a DA account for a while now, so I thought I'd be a little narcissistic and yammer about myself. Then I realized I'm not interesting. Oh well. so instead I'll yak (for no absolute reason) about what I'm trying to do here.

I am an art student, as such I feel like I should be pissing complementary colors. Sadly that's not the case. I'm feeling really unproductive, and right now I'm trying to establish a style, voice whatever you want to call it.

If there's one thing i know it's practice makes perfect. So I'm going to force myself to practice else but making a New Years Resolution. As if I haven't talked about it enough, here's one more.

My new Years Resolution is to draw one picture a day for the whole year. But I decided aside from creating art I want to have a strong composition and learn some themes as well. Soo January is Androgynous month!

hopefully I'll be cranking out portraits, sketches, and line drawings of my favorite type of people.

I'm thinking of Making February have a love theme, but isn't that kinda redundant?