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Regression on a Plane [Female/Male Age Regression]

On November 20, 2010 a very special airborne virus was born. It was a derivative of the common flu that mutated in a way that has never been seen before. The virus caused all cells in the human body to reverse their normal functions. In essence, the infected human would begin to age backwards until childhood was reached. The virus also acted as a catalyst, dramatically increasing the speed at which this "de-aging" occurred. Given the extreme contagiousness of the disease, it spread quickly, leaving chaos in its wake.

"Now boarding economy class passengers," said the disembodied voice from the intercom. Jim stood up, straightened his suit, and headed for the entrance to the terminal with his briefcase in hand. It was the middle of November, and the airport was crowded with people headed out of town for the holidays. Jim groaned inwardly as he saw all of the families with small children in line ahead of him. He hoped none of them were sitting anywhere near his seat. He had planned on getting a good portion of his presentation done during the short flight to Seattle, and small children crying and whining every other second were a distraction he could do without.

Jim filed back through the plane and found his seat. An attractive young woman was already sitting in his row next to the window.

"Hi there!" the woman said as he squeezed into the seat beside her.

"Oh great," he thought to himself. A talkative seat mate ranked right up with small children in terms of airplane distractions. "Hello," he said, barely acknowledging her. She turned her head to look a few rows behind them and sighed.

"Little kids," she grumbled.  Jim turned around and with horror realized that one of the families with small children had sat only three or four rows behind him. He closed his eyes. This couldn't get any worse. He clearly was going to get absolutely nothing done. He would have to rush through all of his work at the hotel. He was stressed about this presentation anyway. There was good chance he would get promoted if he…

"I'm Elaine." Jim looked over to see that the woman beside him had a huge grin on her face as she held out her hand. Jim brusquely shook it.

"I'm Jim," he grunted. Jim had never been much of a ladies' man, and he wasn't about to start now with his balding head and his pudgy stomach. He realized Elaine was speaking.

"Kids are such a nuisance, aren't they?"

"I guess so," Jim said under his breath. Frankly, he was a little shocked to find someone who seemed to dislike kids as much as he did. And she was so open about it.

"Here I was planning to get a nice nap in, and now I'm going to have to listen to these pesky brats the whole way." Elaine's voice rose, and Jim was momentarily afraid that the family might hear her.

"This woman is all right," Jim thought as he turned his head to take a second look at the person sitting next to him. She had sparkling blue eyes and curly black hair that hung down to her shoulders. Her huge smile seemed to radiate happiness. Jim tried to think of something witty to say, but nothing came to mind, so he grunted and began to take out his laptop instead.

As he pressed the power button to boot the computer up, he found himself staring at the back of his hand. It looked different somehow. It seemed smoother, and the skin seemed tighter around his knuckles. He clenched his hand into a fist and unclenched it again. His joints had been bothering him recently, but today, there was no pain. Slightly bewildered, he put his hand on the trackball of his laptop and navigated to his Powerpoint presentation.

"So where are you from?" Elaine interrupted the silence. Jim looked over and saw that she had laid back her seat and was staring straight at him. She must be barely out of college, he thought. He couldn't help but notice how well she filled out her purple blouse.

"I'm originally from Montana," he said, scratching his forehead, "but I moved to Seattle to work some years ago."

"Really?" Elaine smiled. "I'm from Montana too!"

"Really," Jim said flatly.

"Mhm, where did you live in Montana?"

"Just a little ways outside of Billings," Jim replied. Elaine sat up suddenly, and the strap of her blouse slipped off her shoulder.

"I live about half an hour from there in Hardin!" she exclaimed loudly. She pulled the strap of her blouse back onto her shoulder with a quizzical look on her face.

"This blouse fit this morning," she said as she straightened her skirt and leaned back again. Jim stared at Elaine in confusion. Her blouse definitely did not fit. Funny, it had looked so good on her a minute ago. Now he could barely make out her breasts from underneath the billowing fabric.

With a shrug, he turned back to his laptop and began to work. As he typed, fuzz began to grow on the balding parts of his scalp. The growth started with the bald spot on the top of his head and worked its way forward to his receding hairline. Soon, his entire head was covered with thin, black hair.

After working for several minutes, Jim realized he needed to go to the bathroom. Badly. He closed his laptop and started to stand up, but he stopped short. His pants were slipping off! In horror, he jumped back into his seat, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. Everyone appeared to be minding their own business, and Jim set about quickly tightening his belt. If he hadn't been so disturbed, he would have noticed that he had to tighten his belt to the last notch in order to make his pants fit properly.

In the back of his mind, Jim knew something was wrong. First Elaine's blouse was loose, now his pants were almost falling down. Clothes don't just grow! Unbeknownst to Jim, everyone else on the plane was experiencing a similar revelation as they examined their ill-fitting clothes. The passengers were finding their seats increasingly roomy while mothers were wondering if their children didn't look a bit shorter than usual.

Jim wasn't aware of any of this, though. He was so bewildered by the looseness of his own clothes that he didn't notice the youth of the passengers around him. It didn't help that everything was looking slightly blurry from behind his glasses. As he returned from the restroom, all he could think about was the bizarreness of his current situation. He briefly wondered if he was dreaming.

Upon reaching his seat, Jim sat down, distracted and out of sorts. Elaine looked over.

"There you are," she said cheerfully. "I thought you abandoned me." Jim chuckled and looked inquisitively at the book in Elaine's hands. "It's a novel by Sara Gruen," she explained.

"Is it good?"

"Well I was really enjoying it earlier today, but now it seems kinda boring. I mean, my mom might read something like this." Elaine giggled and turned to peer out the window. Jim studied her intently. She looked really blurry.  He realized that his glasses weren't working so he took them off and looked again. He almost gasped at what he saw.

Elaine looked like a teenager. Maybe 16, he guessed. He couldn't understand why she didn't notice how big her clothes were in comparison to her teenage body. The neckline of her blouse hung perilously low, and Jim could see her bra and shallow cleavage.

"I think you're getting younger," he managed to stammer quietly. He couldn't quite comprehend what he was saying.

"Huh?" Elaine turned away from the window to look at him, and Jim could see new freckles clustered around her smaller nose.

She really is cute, Jim thought. He started to repeat his shocking statement when Elaine interrupted him.

"Wait, tell me later. I hafta use the bathroom." She giggled again. In one swift motion she jumped out of her seat and over Jim's legs. Jim watched her as if she was in slow-motion as her loose skirt slipped from her thinning hips to settle around her ankles. Her feet got tangled up, and she fell forward onto her hands and knees, her white panties exposed to the entire plane. She didn't stay in this position more than an instant before she leaped onto her feet and pulled the skirt back into place. It all happened in an instant, but Jim could tell from the commotion behind him that she hadn't been fast enough. Elaine could obviously tell too because she practically ran down the aisle towards the bathroom, holding her skirt to keep it from falling down again. From behind him, Jim heard a loud voice.

"That's her problem. She doesn't got an ass!" A bunch of the guys around Jim started laughing and guffawing as Elaine hurried away.

"What is this high-school?" Jim thought to himself. Looking at the young people around him, he realized that they could very well be in high-school. The former adults were now skinny teens. "If this keeps up, they'll be young enough to be in middle school soon," he thought. "I'll be young enough to be in middle school. "His shoes didn't fit and his belt was long past being able to hold his pants up.

A voice crackled on the intercom. "Uh guys, this is the pilot." There was a long pause. "I'm not sure how to fly this thing. Air traf..." His voice cracked. He cleared his throat and continued. "Air traffic control is trying to help me land at the nearest airport, so everything should be fine."

The adolescent pilot wasn't very convincing, however, and by the time he had finished speaking, the entire plane was in a panic. Children held onto their now-teenage mothers for comfort, but the frightened girls shook them off in confusion. Even the rude guys behind Jim seemed a little out of sorts. Jim saw a stewardess rush up the aisle, tripping over her huge shoes before kicking them off. He felt panic rise up inside himself as well, and he wondered if he was going to die. He felt too young to die.

Just as Jim thought that people were going to start jumping out the emergency exits, a deep voice came over the intercom. "This is air traffic control. We are trying to discern your current situation, but there is no cause for alarm. Everything is under control, and we will have you on the ground in less than an hour." Everyone on the plane let out a collective sigh of relief, and a few of the passengers even let out some high-pitched cheers.

Jim saw Elaine walking down the aisle towards him, holding her skirt on her girlish hips with both hands. She looked like she was trying on her mother's clothes, and Jim couldn't help but laugh. "She looks so silly!" he thought. She began skipping as she continued to regress. She looked like she was close to ten years old.  By the time she reached Jim, she was all out of breath. Jim still couldn't stop giggling, and he stretched out his legs to block her.

"What's so funny?" Elaine demanded loudly.

"You are," Jim said. He was barely able to get the words out. He was laughing so hard. Elaine stuck her tongue out at him.

"Am not! Now move your legs!" Reluctantly, Jim pulled in his legs, and Elaine sat down though she almost dropped her skirt again in the process. She caught it before it fell below her thighs, but Jim still saw her panties. She didn't seem to mind too much.

Elaine's childish actions weren't really registering with Jim anymore. If his regressing brain would have been able to comprehend the strangeness of his situation, he would have been mortified. But as it was, he didn't think twice about all of the young tweens playing tag in the aisle. He didn't mind that most of the plane was singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." He might have set out on the trip hoping to get work done, but now, it was the last thing on his mind.

The intercom crackled again. Jim could hear some bumping and clicking sounds. After a few seconds, a young boy's voice rang shrilly throughout the plane. "This is the pilot. We're changing directions. We're going to Disneyland!"

The entire plane was immediately filled with the sound of high childish cheering. Jim started jumping up and down. Elaine was jumping up and down too and yelling "ohmygosh, ohmygosh," over and over. Her woman's blouse had almost completely fallen off her thin, 7-year-old shoulders. She had to keep tugging the traps back up while holding her skirt and panties up at the same time. Jim still thought she looked funny, but he stifled his laughter when she looked over at him.

He sat back in his seat again, but he found himself fidgeting. He couldn't sit still for long without changing positions. And he was bored. "Wanna play tic-tac-toe?" he asked Elaine.

"Yeah!" she exclaimed with a big gap-toothed smile. It almost looked like her teeth were going back into her gums. "But I don't have any paper!" She looked around. Her Sara Gruen novel was lying on the floor. "Here," she said as she picked it up and turned to the back cover." Now we juth need a penthil." Jim tried not to laugh at her new lisp.

"There!" Elaine reached over and pulled a pen out of Jim's shirt pocket. She scribbled a tic-tac-toe board on the page. "I get 'X'!" she said.

They played for a little while but Elaine started feeling sleepy. Jim realized he was sleepy too. He leaned back. As he was dozing off, he looked over at Elaine. She was already asleep. Her hair was messy, and her bra and blouse were hanging off her tiny shoulders. He could see one of her little pink nipples and he smiled because she didn't have boobs anymore. He closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.
Thought I'd start nice and easy with a sort of "feel-good" age regression story. Please give as much feedback as possible since I'm new at this.
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They should have 90 to 50 year old fly Airplanes.

RAFACOMICS1808's avatar
In the end, what happened to the children when the plane landed?
Blankage's avatar
They would probably be quarantined I would think lol
LHunter101's avatar
They would be captured by the SCP Foundation
Moonlit-Secrets's avatar
Wow, I love this. Age regression stories are so interesting.
Blankage's avatar
Thanks, I agree!
Hello546's avatar
I kinda want to see a mother's POV of this, like how would they react getting closer and closer to their children's age. Also, what did happen to the kids?
Blankage's avatar
I don't really know what happens to them. I assume autopilot takes over and they somehow manage to land the plane, but I don't remember thinking about it when I wrote the story six years ago lol
Hello546's avatar
Well, I meant what happened to the kids that were kids when they boarded the plane. Did they just regress into babies with their moms or did they disappear? Anyways, nice detail.
Blankage's avatar
I think the way I thought of it was the regression virus only regresses people to a certain age so the kids didn't really regress at all
Hello546's avatar
Interesting, I wonder what the kids thought of their moms becoming younger and vice versa with the moms.
Blankage's avatar
Me too! That's a whole story right there really
Hello546's avatar
Maybe a story for the future lol :D
KingSnake01's avatar
YoshiTFFan's avatar
I like it, but it's kind of creepy. Like do they get to the airport safely, or not?
Blankage's avatar
I always thought of the auto-pilot kicking in and the control tower talking them down but that's just me
YoshiTFFan's avatar
Thanks, that makes sense. I would never have thought of that.
WilliamHow3455's avatar
This is pretty awesome! I'm going to make a sequel to this.
Areat's avatar
So, did you really made one?
Areat's avatar
That's too bad.
XGBlue's avatar
Somehow a story where this plane full of people is likely to crash is feel good. Yes, that's so well done. :roll:
matthew1ooo's avatar
I predict they all die considering their all close to 5 years old and asleep
BludEngutz's avatar
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