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This was supposed to be way shorter. Hopefully it's not too confusing.
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Crispety Christ this was damn good!!!
Aqua1010's avatar
I really liked the story but you changed Matt's name to Brad like right in the middle and I was like "Wait.... What?" XD
TuathaTG's avatar
This story hits all the right spots. Love the emphasis give to hips and thighs, as well as the gradual mental erosion of your characters. Well done!
Blankage's avatar
Thanks so much for the comment! Your stories are my favorite TG fiction, so I'm very pleased that you enjoyed one of mine. I'm working on a few more, and I can only hope that you're doing the same :)
TuathaTG's avatar
Yeah, I notice a definite affinity in the way we focus on details. Your mental process is especially good, and I think I have a lot to learn from the way you handled it in this story.
Immortalfire367's avatar
the best part about this one is the laborate timings of the transformations. well done!
I really like your story. It's nice that you focus on the regression itself, and not the end result. You take your time, regressing the characters one step at a time. That's something I like most about AR stories. I hope you find the time and inspiraion to write more stories in the future.
Jj1009's avatar
Wait, I'm confused, whos Theresa?
Blankage's avatar
It was supposed to be the female version of Matt. I think I'm going to rewrite this whole thing at some point to hopefully make it less confusing.
Jj1009's avatar
This is one of my favorite stories in awhile!
Third-Shadow's avatar
so good!! I usually don't read deviant art short stories because a lot of this stuff is bad quality. Read yours on a whim and loved it! My favorite transformations and great writing qualities. Keep it up!!
Blankage's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)
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