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This was inspired by the style of the absolutely fantastic :iconbobbypan: as well as an awesome story by Fenris49. If you like this story, be sure read his as well:…

I mainly wrote this so that I could use it as a reference for a commissioned sequence later down the road. So please comment if you know of any artists that might be interested in drawing it!
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Sarah-Danielle-E's avatar
Very well written. :)
Great story! I love female AP and age swap stories.  One question:

How old were the two girls at the beginning and how old did Julie end up aging to? Seemed by your descriptions that she aged to her early to mid 30s? Thanks
Blankage's avatar
I was thinking they started around 14. Julie ends up early to mid 20s. I meant her weight gain to be caused more by her recent pregnancy than aging
garciarael's avatar
I'd like to see a classic AP story!
impact67's avatar
Loved this story. Your descriptions are great! I wish you'd write more ar /ap stories!
Blankage's avatar
Thank you impact! I actually thought about messaging you, but I thought you might have packed up and moved on because of the empty gallery :(
Glad you're still around though! There will be more AR in the future. Also maybe art to go with this sometime in 2014.
Chaoslady97's avatar
I want to be a baby again
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