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Preferred way to contact me are DA, email or discord (No instagram pls)
Discord: Ame#9875  Email:

- - -
Please read Terms of Service (CLICK HERE) before ordering.

✧ I accept PayPal only

✧ Time: 2 ~ 5 weeks (depends on the workload)
✧ I will show the sketch when it ready to confirm the details!
✧ Slots are unlimited if you are ready to wait c:


:note: Message me with following info:note:


Your social media: (the one you want me to share when i post)
Commission Type:  
Character Reference(s):  
Character's Name: 
Pose / Expression: *optional
Addittional Info: *optional
Your PayPal: (I will send you an invoice once i accept your order) 

  • Use clear english and keep note short and neat, since english is not my mother language
  • Discuss with me the final amount first if you are not sure that your character fits under the base price.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·  · · · · · · · · · · · · · 

Female/ cute male characters. 
Any type of creatures. 
Animals. Food. Backgrounds.
If you add a photo as reference, then specify the hair color and eye color.
I can't draw masculine and old males in normal style (but i can do them in chibi style).
gore (a bit of blood is fine).
i don't design characters, outfits.

Text descriptions without any images 
tiny references 
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·  · · · · · · · · · · · · · 



Pixel Clover  CHIBI  Pixel Clover  

Chibi (full color) - $50 (x2 each additional)
Chibi (flat color) - $35 (x2 each additional)

size 800px height; transparent background or background

+50% of the price for double size  |  +$5~10 if design is very detailed 
+$5~10 for extra item/pet/etc (simple items for free)  |  +$20~50 for detailed Background 

Color Samples:
Color Sample by blanchiame

Full Color Samples:
Arty by blanchiame Amarille by blanchiame 

Flat Color Samples:

[c] Kiara by blanchiame mishie by blanchiame

Chibi Samples:…


+ Additional platform under the chibi character  -  $20 ~ $50 (depending on the complexity)

[c] nijikoshino by blanchiame [c] Aratus by blanchiame [c] Nova by blanchiame  Kore by blanchiame Nevaeh by blanchiame

+ background  -  $20 ~ $50 (depending on the complexity)

Maevie by blanchiame  Sirina by blanchiame


Pixel Clover Twitch Emotes   -  one emote: $20 (+$20 each additional) 

(additional character on the same image +$10 extra)
Info: you get original 600x600px pic,112px,56px and 28px  

Twitch Emotes Batch by blanchiame    Twitch Emotes Batch 2 by blanchiame   Twitch Emotes Batch 4 by blanchiame

Pixel Clover Illustration with detailed Background - $200 (+$50 additional character)

(this option is focused more on the background than at the character, which means that more space is occupied by the background, and the character is two times smaller.) 
Size: 2540x3508px; (let me know what background you want)

Summer Days by blanchiame  Cafe on the beach by blanchiame  [c] Alice and Yuri by blanchiame 



Anime Fullbody (full color) - $90  (x2 each additional)
Anime Fullbody (flat color) - $60 (x2 each additional)

Anime Waist Up (full color) - $70 (x2 each additional)
Anime Waist Up (flat color) - $50 (x2 each additional)

Anime Bust (full color) - $60 (x2 each additional)
Anime Bust  (flat color) - $40 (x2 each additional)

size around 1748 x 2480 px [300 dpi] (size for fullbodies, waist up\bust are smaller); 
transparent background or background

 +50% of the price for double size | +$20~40 if design is very detailed | +$20~40 for extra item/pet/etc 
 +$50~100 for detailed background 

(In this option the art is focused more on the character than at the background, which means the character takes up all the space, and the background is drawn in parts that are visible behind the character.) 

Color Samples


Traditional and digital kidlit style comms: Kidlit Style Commissions

© 2018 - 2021 blanchiame
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Megiitsunee's avatar

sweetie do you draw Felines too Like him ? :3 (He's a cat)

if yes I'll buy a commission when it is open again :3

hexedbybee's avatar

Hi!! Do you know how long these are going to be open for? I'm waiting for an outfit design back for my persona ><

blanchiame's avatar

Hey! should be open for about a month :3

Megiitsunee's avatar

ah I'm to late xD

AshtinARTWAFFLE's avatar

Hello! Quick question, and sorry if it seems silly! For the chibi, can we add more than one character or would you prefer just one at this time? Thank you!

blanchiame's avatar

Hello, as many as you want~ if you're willing to wait :>

AshtinARTWAFFLE's avatar

Hiya again! Sorry for the delay! I hadn't realized you responded. :,>

I am willing to wait, absolutely!

xAshyy's avatar

wOW I've never seen a chibi style like this :0 it's beautiful

Hi there! I sent you a request over on Discord! I'd love to look into commissioning some emotes if possible!

Ros-Doodles's avatar

Hello! I would like to ask if the chibis are still open? ;v;

blanchiame's avatar

hello there! yes they are open!

Ros-Doodles's avatar

I have another question, I hope it doesn’t bother you but you still taking points too? if not then I completely understand ; v ;

blanchiame's avatar

no i don't, DA does not allow non-core users to transfer them anymore

Teliwis's avatar
Hello, I came to check to see if I could ask for a commission, but I saw that you do not know when you will open and that you have health problems. So I am writing to tell you that I hope you feel better and that it is nothing serious, a lot of encouragement from me! Srry my english ><
hexiled's avatar

Hello ^^ I'd like a commission but I'm unsure of the current wait time for a full body (full color or flat even)? Thank you!

blanchiame's avatar

Hello, about a month~

zayuumo's avatar

Hi!<333 how much would it be to get a chibi flat color for his? ><

blanchiame's avatar
Naiuou's avatar

You have really good prices, i think i will consider you in my list

KuroMizana's avatar

Hello! I wanted to ask a question before I send a note. How much would it be to get a chibi in full color for her?

blanchiame's avatar

hi there! it would be base price ^ w ^ $50

KuroMizana's avatar

Alright thank you! I'll note you as soon as I'm home! <3

LoveLockdownArt's avatar

once u reopen let me know owo i need refs xD

blanchiame's avatar

hi, they are open~

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