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Ryan Ottley TMNT Cover Color

:iconwya: was kind enough to provide some high res art for others to color, and I couldn't help but take him up on the offer! :D

All photoshop (cs3). No photo textures. Not sure how long, but a couple hours during the week to make flats and maybe 5 more on the weekend to shade.

Thanks again for the hi-res! Very much appreciated. :)
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Oh my bad, you didn't draw this?
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Sadly no, that would be the great *WyA artist on Invincible. I just colored it.


Thanks for stopping by though. :)
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nice use of composition and figure study, i especially like Donatello's facial expression =)
you should produce more work like this, I commend you.
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wow! I love what you did with this, especially the crosshatched coloring style. :D

I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to flat it though XD
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Wow, thanks! :D

I tried to flat it with filters first, but that would have taken even longer to clean up. So I just did it the old fashioned way, lol.