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Diablo III: Midrange Melee

I'm trying to get back into creating. My friend Chris and I had an idea to start making 3 panel strips and this is my first effort. We both came up with the ideas and then we each created one of them.

Chris: :iconpushxtonotdie:

This was a lot of fun! Although, I need to do these way faster. This was close to average in the amount of hours I usually spend on a piece (which I'd like to improve on), but I didn't get a lot of time to work on it all at once... so this took the better part of two weeks to finish. :p

I'd like to get this down to coming up with a concept and finishing it in a weekend. I don't want to over think this right now, but... someday it'd be nice to produce something like this a few times a week.

We're calling this the Three Panel Club Online (3PCO), and you can find these here (including the one Chris made):

Also, it seems that a number of the people he works with are interested in contributing as well, so that should be fun!
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