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One of the overarching story elements of the new Ducktales reboot since its very premiere has been the mystery behind the parentage of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, specifically of their long lost mother, Della Duck. Her disappearance has had an evident impact on their family, most notably with it being the reason for Donald and Scrooge's falling out. But this episode offers a greater insight into the overall impact that her absence has had on many of the individual characters.

While we still don't know what exactly happened to Della Duck after this episode, we do know that whatever did happen to her was traumatic enough that it not only caused Donald to distrust and drift apart from Uncle Scrooge, but also transform him from a plucky, adventurous duck into someone much more timid and cautious, as he is no longer willing to go on adventures anymore.

Even then, what encourages him to continue going on said adventures, as was evident in both this episode and the very first, has been his concern for the overall well-being of his family, especially his three nephews. Because when his family faces grave danger, no matter how sheltered his sister's past has forced him to become, he's always there to heed the call to adventure.

Of course, the character who shines most in this episode is Dewey. Of all three nephews, he's the one most interested in learning about his mother's past and uncovering the mystery behind her absence. His search for her is driven by his desire to learn more about her and the type of person she was, especially since her never really knew her.

However, the closer he comes to the truth about her, the more he learns that she may not have been the greatest person he once imagined her to be, and it's this revelation that makes him hesitant to continue his search. Of course, just as his Uncle Donald decides to continue adventuring for the sake of his family, so too does Dewey continue his search for his mother, accepting the fact that learning the honest truth about her is more important that maintaining his preconceptions about her.

Overall, this was a really jovial episode that creatively weaves Greek mythology into the Ducktales universe. Watching the antics of characters like Storkcules, Selene, and even Zeus made me want to see more of these characters, especially since they apparently have a history with Donald, Scrooge, and their family. Seriously, am I the only one who want to see a prequel to this episode where we see exactly what kind of adventures they all went on together? Or at least a prequel comic? Can we at least flesh out Donald and Storkuleus' not-so-subtle bromance?

For a scene-by-scene recap of this episode, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Avengers: Infinity War was released this weekend, and just like every other Marvel movie before it, it's dominated the box office with rave reviews. Hard to believe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going strong for the past ten years and counting. Even against all odds, they've managed to defy expectations and be nothing short of perfect. So that means they're all perfect, right?

Well, not quite.

As great as these movies are, they're not without their flaws. Being comic book movies, they have their fair share of campy, goofy moments, and while some of those moments like Loki getting tossed around by the Hulk or Star Lord distracting Ronan with Footloose get a pass from fans, others prove to be quite the knot in the Persian rugs of the MCU, even to the point of creating plot holes and inconsistencies.

So for this list, we'll be counting down the Top 11 dumbest Marvel movie moments. Why top 11? Because like the Nostalgia Critic, I like to go one step beyond.

This list will only be focusing on the dumb moments from the movies and not the television or Netflix shows--especially since I haven't watched any of them! Also, these moments will be from all of the movies up until Black Panther, and as such, will contain spoilers. So don't read this list if you haven't caught up with all of those movies yet.

To count down the first half of these dumb MCU moments, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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10 years! Hard to believe that a superhero franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not only been going on for 10 years, but has been continuing to go strong when most other superhero franchises have since fizzled out during that time.

What started as a bold experiment to create several films within the same cinematic universe with a crossover movie tying them all together not only proved successful during the first attempt with The Avengers, but has continued to succeed with each and every subsequent sequel and addition to the franchise.

While other attempts at cinematic universes from the DCEU to the Dark Universe have failed to successfully replicate their formula, the Marvel movies has continued to set box office records and receive rave reviews, no matter how ridiculous their underlining premises, with characters ranging from a man who can shrink to the size of an ant to a talking tree and raccoon.

Now the entire franchise culminates with its third and grandest crossover, bringing together each and every character from all of the previous movies, and helping to bring closure to its overarching storyline involving the villain Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones.

Will this third and nearly final installment of The Avengers send the franchise to infinity and beyond, or has the MCU run dry of its alleged infinite success?

To learn whether or not this movie achieves infinite possibilities, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Next month will be my themed month, May of Marvels, with blog posts focused on the comic book and movie empire, including reviews of Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Since I have most of my think piece posts written out in advanced as rough drafts, I’ve decided to give you all a sneak preview of what to expect over the coming month.

So here’s a few snippets from my upcoming feature blog posts. Keep in mind that most of these are still rough drafts, and as such, will mostly undergo revisions before their final publication.

To check a preview of what's to come, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Today is the big premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, the biggest crossover as of yet within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a cinematic event that has been more than ten years in the making.

The love for the Marvel movies can be seen across the internet, with countless fan art dedicated to the favorite characters of each and every fan. You could almost say that the fan art stretches out to...infinity!

Of course, for this week's Fan Art Friday, we'll only be selecting a handful of the infinite number of Marvel fan art out there, but if Thanos proves anything, it's that a handful can easily give you the power of infinity.

For fan art of the most Marvel-ous crossover ever, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Hey dudes! What's happening? Y'all up for a totally awesome game of Pogs? You know what's more radical than throwing down a slammer? How about pulling off some wicked BMX moves on a gnarly half pipe? So how about we take a sweet trip to Disneyland for a most triumphant afternoon? Can you dig it, man?

*coughs* Wow! It has been a while since my thirty-something throat uttered such outdated slang. I. Am. Getting. OLD!

Anyway, back in the 1980s and 1990s, under the administration of Eisner, Disney made many attempts to attract the "younger crowd" to its parks by being "hip" and "with it."

Some of these attempts led to big hits and thrills such as Star Tours and Indiana Jones Adventure. Others led to more odd and short-lived experiments ranging from a teen nightclub in Disneyland to a Barbie live show at Epcot Center.

The less-than-successful attempts were, well, less-than-successful due to them being transparent marketing gimmicks, the equivalent of an old man rolling up on a skateboard to a group of teens and saying, "How do you do, fellow kids?"

But perhaps the most transparent and oddest of these attempts by Disney to be relevant--TO THE EXTREME--has to be the Spring 1994 event, Go Pog Wild and Rollerblade Crazy!

For more about this most triumphant Disneyland event, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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When it comes to film criticism, especially on the internet, arguments are like Westerns: there's the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There are good arguments, like how Frozen is a great movie because it's both a deconstruction of a traditional Disney movie while also a traditional Disney movie. This is a good argument because it can be backed up through sound reasoning and evidence.

Then there are bad arguments, like how Frozen is a "bad" movie because it doesn't have any black characters. Yes, this is an actual argument! It's also bad because it overlooks important details like how the movie is set within a predominately white country during a predominately white time period. (You might as well argue that Mulan is "bad" for also not having any black characters!)

And then there are ugly arguments, or rather, WTF argumentsthe type of arguments that make you sit back in your chair with your mouth agape as you stare at the screen and wonder "what the f***" you just read and "how the f***" anyone could come up with such reasoning.

That's probably how most people felt when they read how right-wing pundit Jordan Peterson argued that Frozen was a bad movie because it was propaganda, and the reason why it's propaganda is, well, he doesn't really explain why.

But while everyone else has been content to point and laugh at the alleged "stupid man's smart person", I'm determined to delve into his mind and, like Alexander the Great wrangling with the Gordian Knot, try to unravel the reasoning why exactly he believes Frozen is "evil" propaganda.

For a deciphering of Mr. Peterson's argument against Frozen, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Disney may not own Peter Cottontail, but they have many cotton tails who will most likely be hopping down the bunny trail--because hippity-hoppity Easter's on its way! So to celebrate this holiday commonly associated with bunnies, here's a fan art showcase of many of Disney's famous bunnies.

To view this week's Fan Art Friday, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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If you've ever been to the Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World, chances are you've seen the Tomorrowland Speedway and wondered what a ride like that has to do with "tomorrow", let alone why it even remains open. (Fortunately, folks like Rob Plays have answered that question!)

Believe it or not, aside from the Skyway, the Speedway was one of the only attractions at Tomorrowland when the Magic Kingdom park first opened in 1971. No Space Mountain. No Astro Orbiter. Not even a Peoplemover or Carousel of Progress. Just a concrete track with go-karts. And it's still remains open!

In fact, Walt Disney World was so proud of this attraction that it actually showcased it during its grand opening with a very special guest star--though you can probably tell by the title who it is.

To watch the time when Herbie raced on the Tomorrowland Speedway, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Something I will never get used to as I continue to grow up, no matter how old I get, is the feeling of seeing something I once cherished as a child fade away into non-existence. Even at the ripe age of 31, many of the things I used to take for granted as a child no longer exist.

VHS tapes have been replaced with DVDs. Saturday morning cartoon blocks no longer air on television. Nickelodeon and Disney Channel have both declined in quality with their over-abundance of teen sitcoms. And now Toys R Us is fated to meet Circuit City and Sears in the great shopping mall in the sky.

Yes, this year will mark the last generation of children who can say that they didn’t want to grow up, that they were Toys R Us kids, as the titular toy store chain has since declared bankruptcy and will be closing down its stores worldwide. If you want to learn how this came to be, I suggest watching Moviebob’s video here. (Hint: It wasn't the internet that killed it. It’s all Mitt Romney’s fault.)

I know this is technically not Disney-related, but many Disney toys were sold in these stores, so close enough. Not to mention no other time would be better to send off this once great purveyor of childhood nostalgia. So here are several Toys R Us commercials to help us cope through the grief:

To wish this toy store goodbye on memory lane, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. Ever wondered how your favorite Disney characters celebrate this most lucky day? Let's take a look with Disney fan art sprinkled with the luck of the Irish for this week's Fan Art Friday.

For this week's fan art showcase, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Disney’s theatrical adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time was released in theaters over the weekend, and it’s since received mixed reviews and ratings. As such, I’m sure most of you are curious as to what a Disney fan like myself feels about this movie.

I regret to inform you all that I won’t be reviewing this movie, as I have no plans to actually watch it, or at least I won’t be paying money to watch it in theaters. My reason for doing this had less to do with the movie itself and more with a particularly “problematic” individual starring in it.

In recent years, it’s been a common trend for certain moviegoers to forgo watching a particular movie as a matter of principle, either because of an aspect of the movie they disagree with or because of the people involved with it.

Some people declined to watch Ender’s Game because the movie was based on a book written by a homophobic bigot. Some declined to watch either Pirates of the Caribbean or Fantastic Beasts because one of the actors, Johnny Depp, was accused of domestic violence. And some like James Rolfe refused to watch the Ghostbusters reboot because they felt it would not live up to the original movie. (Though others accused them of hating the movie out of sexism.)

In a similar vein, I will not be watching A Wrinkle In Time—not because I think the movie won't be good (it does look visually stimulating), nor because I have a problem with its message (which is simply that evil can be overcome with the power of love), and nor because the main character had her race changed (because I’m not a triggered alt-right loser)—but because one of the actors within the movie has proven to be quite problematic. That actor is Oprah Winfrey.

To learn why Oprah made this movie a "no go" for me, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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March is Women's History Month, and yesterday was International Women's Day. It's a time to reflect on all the amazing women that make up our world, including those in our favorite movies. And while it would be easy to showcase mostly princesses in honor of this occasion, I'd like to focus on some of the amazing Disney female characters who aren't royalty in this week's Fan Art Friday.

For this week's Fan Art Friday, visit my blog here.

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The Nostalgia Critic recently kicked off his "Disney Live Action Remakes Month", where he will be reviewing Disney's attempts to further cash in on their classic animated movies by creating live-action facsimiles.

Since he started his themed month with a review of Maleficent, I've decided to dedicate this week's Throwback Thursday to something nostalgic concerning the titular "Mistress of all Evil".

And what better nostalgic property best showcases her affinity for all things evil than the video game Kingdom Hearts? (You know, aside from her original movie, Sleeping Beauty?)

To check out the Mistress of all Evil in digital form, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Finally! After a three-month hiatus, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil returns to television to continue its stimulating third season. And it’s very first episode following this hiatus has our main character, Star, finally confronting her mother about the dark secrets she learned in the last episode…only to be sidelined by her father forcing her to go on a camping trip.

Under normal circumstances, I would have loved to see Star going on a wacky misadventure with her father in the woods, but not during an episode that teases us with an important revelation that never gets…well, revealed! And while, yes, this episode is one part of a two-part episode, even then, we never get to learn what this important revelation is, not even in the second part. In the end, we're forced to wait another week for the next episode to air to find out.

Look! I trust Daron Nefcy and her staff to be competent creators—if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a fan of this show—but if this episode reveals anything, it’s that they need to learn when to make a proper episode for the proper time. If they want to make a filler episode about Star camping with her father, make a filler episode. If they want to make an episode revealing important information about the season-long story arc, make an episode about that. But don’t try to combine the two types of episode, because you end up with a mess like this.

I don’t even get what the “moral” of this episode is supposed to be? Patience? Again, under normal circumstances, that would be a good enough moral to teach, but not after a three-month hiatus when fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to find out how the overarching story finally plays out.

Overall, this newest episode makes a bad first impression of the remaining third season. The only saving grace is that the second part of this two-part episode is the much better half.

For a scene-by-scene episode recap, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Know Your Meme

There's no denying that princesses are popular with Disney. After all, the company has its roots with a princess movie, and some of its more recent animated blockbusters tend to star princesses.

However, with most of its newest princesses being empowered female role models that often belt out pop chart-breaking power ballads, their older princesses, in contrast, appear less empowered, and by extension, less "feminist."

Some feminists accuse these princesses of being "poor" role models for young girls; at worst, the more radical feminists accuse them of being a sexist plot by the "patriarchy" to help groom young girls into "internalized misogyny" and "cis-heteronormative gender roles"—whatever all that means!

We’ve heard these criticisms before, from Cinderella being a helpless "damsel in distress", to Belle suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome." But how much weight do these feminist accusations carry?

Here are four common feminist fallacies about Disney princesses and why they're as fictional as the fairy tales they attack.

(And before anyone accuses this think piece of being yet another anti-feminist/anti-SJW screed, this rebuttal will mostly cite feminist sources such as The Mary Sue and Lindsay Ellis—in other words, this will be feminists debunking feminists!)

To learn why these feminist fallacies are full of it, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Black Panther is a difficult movie to talk about for two reasons. The first is that it's yet another superhero movie by Marvel, which has proven itself to be a reliable source for great comic book movies for the past decade.

Even when their movies aren't great, they're good; and even when they're not good, they're okay; and even when they're not okay, at least they're better than Batman Vs. Superman. The "worst" Marvel movie will always be better than the worst DC movie. Always!

The second reason is that it's hard to find a way to praise this movie for any reason other than the obvious fact that it's the first black-led superhero movie to be part of a culturally-relevant mainstream movie franchise.

Yes, yes, I know. I can already hear detractors in the comments geeksplaining how this isn't really the first black superhero movie. But let's be honest here: who's really remembers Meteor Man or Blank Man? Nobody. Because those movies weren't good!

And I know Marvel previously released a movie franchise based upon the black comic book character, Blade; but honestly, does a vampire hunter really count as a "superhero"? Not really. No.

The fact is that people, especially African-Americans, are excited about this particular movie for the sheer fact that it's part of a mainstream movie franchise that, as I mentioned before, has proven itself to reliably and consistently release exceptional movies. That alone will allow this movie to become and remain more culturally relevant than any previous movie before it.

So aside from the fact that it's yet another Marvel movie and that it's such a cultural milestone, is there anything else good to say about this movie? Well, I wouldn't be writing this review if that weren't the case!

So let's protract our claws and dig into why Black Panther is yet another great Marvel flick:

For the review of Black Panther, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Zootopia premiered two years ago. While the movie wasn't as great as Frozen, it certainly ranks as the second best Disney movie created during this era. Not to mention it's proven to be one of the most relevant movies with its themes of government corruption and systemic oppression. So what better way to commemorate this great movie than to showcase some of its fan art for this week's Fan Art Friday?

For this week's Fan Art Friday, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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Just got back from a Disney vacation, so I don't have anything real substantial this week. Since I'm still in a Disney Park mood, here's an old Disney World commercial from 1994:

Am I the only one who feels old when the boy mentions Mr. Toad's Wild Ride? Remember when that ride was still at the park? Before it became Winnie The Pooh? Also, really have to chuckle at the boy telling his little brother about how "Goofy can beat up dad!" Just LOL!

Anyway, it's a cute commercial that really encapsulates the anticipation of sharing memories with loved ones and anticipating the big Disney trip, to the point where you're counting down the weeks.

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In Defense Of Marvel’s SJW Agenda (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Gender/Race-Swapped Heroes)

Black Panther was released over the weekend, and to no one’s surprise, it did as exceptionally well as other Marvel movies—if not better!

Even before its release, the movie was already being praise as a cultural milestone, what with it being the first black-led comic book superhero movie within a mainstream movie franchise.

Unfortunately, with every action, there’s always an equal and opposite reaction, with the “opposite reaction” arriving through on-line backlash from a vocal minority consisting of two factions.

One faction were embittered DC fans upset that their comic book movies are not as well received as Marvel’s. (These people are known as sore losers.)

The other faction were embittered trolls upset that a popular Hollywood blockbuster predominantly featured actors who were not straight white men like themselves. (These people are known as racists.)

With both factions united in an unholy alliance, they attempted to "sabotage" the movie through a Rotten Tomatoes review bomb—and they would have gotten away with it, too, had it not been for that meddling Facebook shutting down their group!

Honestly, this sad, pathetic attempt to give Black Panther bad ratings wouldn’t be as newsworthy if it were merely an isolated incident; but alas, like every other example of internet drama, these incidents are rarely, if ever, isolated.

This backlash against Black Panther reflects a similar backlash that Marvel Comics has been facing overall as a company, with it being accused of pushing a nefarious "feminist SJW agenda" to ruin the comic book industry by—creating comic book characters who aren’t straight white men.

To learn more about Marvel's "SJW agenda" and why we have nothing to fear from it, VISIT MY BLOG HERE.

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