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Statist and Anarchist #237: Due Process Second


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Statist and Anarchist #237: Due Process Second


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Statist and Anarchist #237: Due Process Second


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Atheists Can Be Ignorant

Religion And Atheism

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Why NOT Raise The Minimum Wage?

In the recent election, five states—Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota—voted in favor of ballot proposals to raise their minimum wage. These election results correlate with current nationwide trends, which show that most Americans support minimum wage increases. Last year, Gallup found that 76 percent of Americans strongly favored raising the minimum wage to $9. With so many American in favor of it, why not raise the minimum wage? Well, how much should we raise it? Should we raise it to $15? Why stop there? Why not raise it to $20? Or $25? $50? $75? $100? How about $500? Wouldn’t it be awesome to make $500 an ho


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SATIRE: Americans Fear Election More Than Clowns

Poll: Americans Fear Election More Than Killer Clowns Creepy clowns may be unsettling, but not so much as the current election, survey shows. Moron Dowd Daily Bungle Despite countless creepy clown sightings this year, Americans are much more fearful of the potential outcome of the 2016 election, a recent survey shows. According to a recent Daily Bungle poll, only 5 percent of Americans are afraid of encountering a creepy clown at night. The remaining numbers show that 50 percent fear a Trump presidency, 40 percent fear a Hillary presidency, and the remaining 5 percent had no idea that it was an election year. During an election year wher

Daily Bungle

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Statist and Anarchist #237: Due Process Second

Statist And Anarchist

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The Dark Stallion TOC

The Dark Stallion A unicorn in search of an artifact. A pegasus who lost his memories. A wandering swordspony who wields his sword against evil. When these three colts cross paths with the Mane 6, they begin encountering dark forces that befall Ponyville. Now they must team up to thwart the devious Shadow Clan and their leader, the Dark Stallion, all while trying to obtain the Amulet of Purity. Chapters Episode 01: Xander, Lone Unicorn On A Quest. [FanFiction] | [FimFiction] | [DeviantART] Episode 02: My Name Is Sky Wind. I Remember Nothing Else. [FanFiction] | [FimFiction] | [DeviantART] Episode 03: Enter Ninja Star, The Stalwart Swords

The Dark Stallion

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Blame My Little Pony


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