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Statist and Anarchist #152: Thanksgiving 2016 (P2)

Sometimes I wonder if the country, if not the entire world, would be a better place if everyone smoked pot. Everyone then would be more mellow and less stressed and agitated, especially over the smallest and most insignificant of things.

We wouldn't have conservatives rage-quitting over kneeling football players or Starbucks coffee cups, nor would we have liberals throwing temper tantrums over white people with dreadlocks or over other people using the "wrong" pronouns.

And we most certainly wouldn't have world leaders threatening nuclear war. As Robin Williams once elucidated, it's not like you can imagine Jamaica ever dropping the atomic bomb.
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I doubt that Jamaica could build one.

I'm all in favor of my opposition being potheads. The shortest path to victory is accepting disinterested surrenders. On the whole, however, I don't think the animating contest of freedom would benefit from more disinterest.
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"I love you man." (awkward man-hug here)  One day of peace is enough sometimes. :) 
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That is just awesome.  All I know is, if they start making out, I'm going to vomit.  I may be a furry, but even we have our limits, damnit.
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"it's not like you can imagine Jamaica ever dropping the atomic bomb."

That is a terrible stereotype.

And yet I'm still laughing in agreement.

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The day pot becomes legal in Texas is the day that I single handedly will bring billions in tax revenue into the state.
Okay, Red and Blue's inhibitions have been lowered...though unless Anarchist keeps it up, as Green points out, it'll only last a day.
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Call me a conspiracy nut, but it almost seems like you're advocating something with this comic.
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I know what happens next:
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Well the obvious solution is to get everyone in the legalized states to smoke up a huge cloud, and then waft if to the rest of the country! 
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I once read in National Review about how a man was violent and angry all the time, but he calmed down and returned to college after he started smoking weed.

I guess that's the real challenge, isn't it?  To treat each other like we should when we're not under the influence of THC, when we're sober.
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The problem is, nobody would be working. And even if they tried, they'd be too stoned to do anything right.
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Just last a day? You mean... You didn't make enough for LEFTOVERS!?!? O_o
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