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Statist and Anarchist #149: Undead Militia

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Classic Liberal, now Sovereign Citizen, has returned from the dead, and he has brought with him an entire undead army set on taking over the world—
OF COURSE! Will they succeed in their sinister conquest? More importantly, what will become of our heroes? (Eh, relatively speaking, of course!) Find out when the remainder of this story arc resumes—next year!

Yes, once again, I’m going to be taking a break from the story arc for the remainder of the holiday season, and it will resume sometime next year. Trust me, this story arc has proven to be more complicated than I had originally thought, and thus I need more time to create it. That’s why I update it in these sporadic bursts.

So until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and here’s to surviving the next four to eight years under God Emperor Trump!
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Classic liberal wanting to take over the world?  I think he's lost the plot.  Even then I can't not feel sorry for him. :(
BlameThe1st's avatar
He's ending the world as we know it by taking it over.
Zeonista's avatar
"Revealed, the Classic Liberal is. Begun the Meme Wars have." Yoda 
BlameThe1st's avatar
LOL! Love the Star Wars reference.
LibertyAndMetal4All's avatar
Does he not realize the irony of leading an army of zombies against blind authority worship?
BlameThe1st's avatar
LOL! Didn't think of it that way.
Good grief, things are even worse than I predicted. Blame and his semi-competent roommates are gonna have their work cut out for them.
kyrtuck's avatar
Actually, I suspect Anarchist is Blame's self insert, just with certain similarities, like their both being bronies and college educated...
Anarchist is a Silicon Valley programmer, but yeah, he's clearly the guy to root for and shares similarities with Blame even if he isn't a carbon copy.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Blame? Uh, Anarchist isn't me. He's just the main character.
Whoops, sorry.
PoliticalPip's avatar
no one knows about figment anymore (do they)? They're going to think Spike from FIM somehow grew the bifurcated tail of a earwig.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Wow. That really makes me feel old now.
PoliticalPip's avatar
if you want to feel even older. You can tell jokes about Reagan that people forgot decades ago.
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