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Statist and Anarchist #088: White Genocide

If you have no idea what "white genocide" is, don't worry: it only means you're not a paranoid idiot who wastes their life on internet forums. Basically, "white genocide" is the conspiracy theory that being against racism is "anti-white" and that efforts at diversity and multiculturalism are all part of a a plan to wipe white people off the earth. Yes, it's as dumb as it sounds. And yes, people seriously believe it!

If you're too stupid to realize why "white genocide" don't real, then chances are you're too stupid to allow any facts to change your mind. So bugger off! Everyone else can check out these videos by Dick Coughlan and Joniversity.

Or if factual, rational dissertations of BS is far too boring for you, and you would rather laugh at how deluded (yet talented) these alt right losers are, then check out this music video.
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White genocide is fake,
Black genocide is possible,
But disabled genocide is real.
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Have you really not noticed how the Left continually tries to incite violence against white people, blaming them for all the world's problems under the pretense of supporting "racial equality"?

When people say "Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-white", they aren't referring to all anti racists, just the obviously hypocritical ones who use it as an excuse to hate white people.
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I noticed this is becoming more common too. Sad.
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But seriously the belief in 'white genocide' is garbage unless we're talking about Zimbabwe or to a far lesser extent SA.
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Exactly. Same thing with "Christian persecution." There are actual Christians having their heads lobbed off in the Middle East by ISIS. That's persecution. Not having to put up with blank red cups by Starbucks during the holidays.
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I got into an argument with someone over the Mexican migrants. I told him Mexicans are leaving faster than coming in its not the  problem people make it out to be. He couldn't stop slobbering on the knob of Ted Cruz though. He also claimed to be libertarian.

Are there really libertarians that believe we need more violence to prevent people from crossing arbitrary lines that governments set up to control our movement?
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So which seems more reasonable to do with Alt-Rights, spaying and neutering them or just wait for them to blow their brains out with the rest of the statists when Anarchism takes its rightful place in the world?
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That fool is misusing the Celtic Cross. ...
wordsworthsparkle's avatar
Send a irish/scottish/walesh guy to yell after them " THATS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION YOU  FILTHY HUMAN TRASH, STOP DOING IT STOP" ;)
Raleigh33's avatar
Here here. Just like those assholes always do with the majority of "their" symbols.
OddGarfield's avatar
They should make thrift own symbol and leave the others to their own cultures.
OddGarfield's avatar
Make their* ... spell check.
ghostraptor1917's avatar
That's neo nazis for you
OddGarfield's avatar
That's just like how the Ku Klux Klang adopted the Confederate States Navy Jack and used it as their own rally flag.
Graeystone's avatar
White genocide is real. Just look at Zimbabwe. But to the scale that is being suggested, I don't believe so.
stephdumas's avatar
And Robert Mugabe wants the white farmers back in Zimbabwe. One thing who worry me in South Africa, the leader of the EFF and former ANC member, Julius Malema is a big admirer of Robert Mugabe.………
Graeystone's avatar
I wonder how many middle fingers went up at the same time as the reply. . .
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At this point I'm expecting SJWs to turn violent, er, more violent than they already are, and start Stalinesque purges. Meanwhile, these "alt-right" shmucks have already started up the pogroms again, leaving the Jews in a very precarious situation. You see, Jews aren't "white" enough for white supremacists, yet they're too white for SJWs.
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Consider your comment 'faved.'
PurplePhoneixStar's avatar
I am thinking about trolling some SJWs to attack me then kicking their ass in self defense. And I am a weakling. 
wordsworthsparkle's avatar
I think that guys is a perfect example of an average stormfront member ;)
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