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Statist and Anarchist #074: Free Stuff

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Bernie Sanders was a bum, which is why he's #1 with bums. Now join us in singing the BernBOT Marching Chant:
OUCH! Why'd you punch me in the eye????
BooHooBooHOOBooHoo!  Hater! Racist! Homophobe!
Transphobe!  Misogynist!  Transmisogynist!
Cheapskate!!! Miser!!! MoneyLover!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It isn't free, it's addition to labourer's wage.
No surprise he did better career than you did.
Could you please stop butchering the English language?
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lol, I love how you portray Sanders ideas as if they haven't already been demonstrably proven to be successful in several nations in Europe while your beliefs have made nothing but lawless shitholes like Somalia. 
BlameThe1st's avatar
"as if they haven't already been demonstrably proven to be successful in several nations in Europe"

Damn it! I've already addressed this issue before. I'm not rehashing it again:……
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lol, so wait hold on, let me get this straight real quick, your way of "debunking" the fact that many European nations already have democratic socialist policies and have already proven that Bernie Sander's ideas are successful is to point out that they're democratic socialist countries and not Marxist socialist countries? LOL, as if Bernie Sanders is a Maoist or something and not a democratic socialist himself? Wtf dude? What fuckin planet are you living on where you thought that was a good argument? And so what if they're a little less socialist now than before? They're still far and beyond vastly more socialist than America. 
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Why are you using Sander's? He's loosing in the primaries.
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I have a solution to the Bernie issue: Sarin gas.
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A bit much there, bro.
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This comic is laughable for all the wrong reasons.
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I like some of Bernie's ideas like the free college and free healthcare. I have epilepsy and if I don't have the meds, I can't work and I want to be able to work. Under the current health care system meds are out of reach if you are over 26 and working. The medicaid system is horrible if you make more than poverty wages and because the government subsudizes some of your insurance premium does not mean that it is affordable. I was talking with someone who had a son with a heart condtion and because she and her husband worked and made too much for medicaid the health insurance was too expensive. My uncle has epilepsy and he went without insurance for years because my grandparents couldn't afford it. They paid nearly 400 a month for his meds. That is excluding any doctor bills he may have had. Not like the guy was lazy either, he has a very high IQ and works with my grandma in her shop but still. He tried for jobs but things happened when he applied. (You see this was in the 80's before the ADA making it illegal to ask about disablities) His epilepsy came up and they passed over him. If you can say the person wasn't qualified not because of the disablity and not get sued. Not like he was applying for work that it would present too much a problem to work with. I never mention it when I apply for a job and try to hide it as  best I can because I don't want someone trying to fire me for it. In all reality my form really acts up in the morning when I first get up but still. All this is to get the meds to work. Now if I was in any other first world nation, they'd help with that so it isn't a real issue. I am willing to pay higher taxes for that. 

And because of how the college fiance system is I am only now able (when I am freaking poor) to get aid to get the bachelor's degree I need to go from EA to CPA and get paid more. I did good in high school and when I got to college, I couldn't afford it. My parents made too much to help but in reality they had too much debt to help. But I see all these idiotic sluts getting in because "LOOK AT ME I HAD A BABY IN HIGH SCHOOL SO I NEED COLLEGE MORE THAN THE SMART GIRL WHO KEPT HER LEGS CLOSED" I am sorry but those two systems need fixing bad so I can get anywhere in this country. I am open to ideas, but so far that is best addresses the needs I have.

But hey, I will give you this, the comic is funny.
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Yeah, Rigby and Mordecai always struck me as stoner types.
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I started laughin' reading the captions, then felt honored by the Author comments.

But, imagine the poor millennials who voted for Obama, got nothing in return but hope, doubled down to give him eight years only to have him steal their change - and now are joyously lining up to vote for Bernie.

Their futures, already hit hard by Bush and Obama's incompetence will be totally trashed if they get their way and they'll die blaming everyone but themselves for the stupidity that cost them everything.

And the smarter millennials will suffer because of their lack of common sense, which enrages me because my daughter is 21.  All the kids from the Millennials unions will have it even worse as they age.

There is no such thing as a free fucking lunch.  Some always pays.  So simple a concept.

I'm glad you liked the BernBot Marching Chant - We'll be hearing it a lot, I fear.
Graeystone's avatar
Even the King of Slackers Moredcai and Rigby know the price of 'Free Stuff'. . .heck for as big as slackers as they are, they have a job!
ghostraptor1917's avatar
This true with the Sanders supporters and this is coming from a leftist.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Good to know some people are self aware.
BlameThe1st's avatar
*loser. But, yeah, agreed.
Kajm's avatar
No wonder they hate Trump. He may have lots a lot of money, but he created a LOT of jobs in the process.
Graeystone's avatar
You mean with the illegal immigrants, the students who got screwed because of the promises that were made by Trump through Trump University, and now the latest trouble with the Jamacian model who did everything LEGALLY to work in the US and apparently got screwed over -…

What I find VERY disturbing is if a Democrat had done even a smidgen of what Trump had done, the hardcore Trump supporters on dA would be spitting nails. Instead they're acting like Trump is the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan.
DarkRiderDLMC's avatar
This election gives us the choice between shithead one, shithead two, etc.  It is slightly possible that Cruz, liar, shithead, poser and all the other things he is might hurt us the least and pretty much certain Bernie'd hurt us the most - but in any case, when the next president leaves office, the population will need a proctologist.
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