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Statist And Anarchist #127: Death

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Thus concludes the second half of this epic story arc. (Yes, this is only the second half!) What will become of Classic Liberal? Has he met his eternal demise? Why is he in Hell? And why is there a giant Kermit the Frog greeting him?

All of these questions will be answered following a much needed hiatus. All of them except the last one. That one I’m answering right now: it’s a reference to Nostalgia Critic’s Spawn review.

Until then, this story arc is taking a hiatus for the rest of the month and will resume next month. Until then, I’m going to be catching up on Answer Comics and creating weekly non-story arc comics. See you all later.
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"Yes, this is only the second half."

Halves only come in twos.
TravisRetriever's avatar
I'm waiting with bated breath, brony bro. :3
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Given the way the current Muppets show has turned out, I do believe he is in Hell. 
Is Classic Liberal Catholic? Because I think they find suicide an unforgivable sin.
BlameThe1st's avatar
If he were, he clearly violated that unforgivable sin, which is why he's in Hell.
Yup. Though you think hell would be run by Christian Grey or something instead of a muppet. Romanticizing emotional abuse, yay!
Shouldn't it be, " will lead the armies of Hell."?
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To-may-toe, to-mah-toe!
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Meh. Sounds more interesting than the actual Spawn movie.
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Hell is ruled by the muppets? Seems legit.
LibertyAndMetal4All's avatar
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Gotta be honest, wasn't that much a fan of the story bits from the Spawn review. I never really liked the idea of Kermit being a servant of hell. Always thought Doug should've asked the guys from Glove and Boots to do that bit (maybe have Mario and Fafa sing "Highway to Hell" at the end)

Interesting cliffhanger. I look forward to seeing where this leads.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Oh yes! Doug should totes hook up with Glove and Boots. If he can work with HISHE, he can work with them.
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Wait. If this is the conclusion of the second half, doesn't that mean it is finished? Or did you use the New math?
BlameThe1st's avatar
Mea Culpa. The conclusion of the first half.
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