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Statist And Anarchist #126: Kim Kardashian

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I'd say that this escalated quickly, but it literally took ten strips to get to this point and see whether or not he would jump. Not much else I can say here. Someone just committed suicide, and I can't really make light of that.
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...Well...that sucks. :(
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Okay, what bridge are they actually on? For some reason, I doubt that he splashed down hard, there.
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The Golden Gate Bridge. It's a common spot for suicide in San Fran.
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Does it make me mentally unstable that every time some idiot says Kim Kardashian broke the Internet instead of the Comet Landing, I feel the urge to backhand them so hard they ends up backwards? Same question for when people attack Sarah Michelle Gellar for making the completely right choice by boycotting Vogue for choosing that talentless fake strumpet instead of a real woman who actually has earned her fame? And since I'm on the subject of the goddess made flesh, BOW TO THE SLAYER, KARDASHIAN FILTH!
ZGMF-X42S's avatar
Yet another reason to loathe the Kardashians.
lordmep's avatar
Wait... so the Kardashian thing was real?
BlameThe1st's avatar
No. It's still a joke.
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Thank you, god.
Well...this is mildly sobering, coming from a guy who has experience with this kind of stuff.
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Sorry if I triggered you there.
Oh, don't worry, I didn't start having suicidal thoughts because of this comic or anything. Sorry for the false alarm.
bcrbuio3tvrbvt's avatar
He's seriously gonna just be bumped off like that?
BlameThe1st's avatar
We'll have to wait and see how this story arc continues.
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Would it have ended better if someone else jokingly held up a picture of the similarly pronounced aliens from Star Trek, Deep Space 9?
BlameThe1st's avatar
I did not even know that. Then again, I don't watch Star Trek.
LibertyAndMetal4All's avatar
That was unexpected.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Well, you knew he was either going to jump or not. One of those two options.
LibertyAndMetal4All's avatar
Well, that, and the Kardashian thing and the last panel. Then again, K.K. would do better than the racist senile weirdo we have now.
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