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Statist And Anarchist #095: Money Printing

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I’m not sure what’s worse: that a RINO who claims that we can’t default on our debt because we can always “print moar money!” is winning the vote and support of “fiscal conservatives”, or that libtards who would otherwise agree with his statement had it been said by a “respectable” economist like Paul Krugman are going to hypocritically berate him over it.

Quantitative easing: A dumb idea when it comes from Krugbot. An even dumber idea when it comes from Drumpf.
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Ooh hell, If I want to remember why that isn't a good idea all I have to do is look at the 250,000 Reichmark Banknotes I have in my collection ~ just enough to buy a copy of the Munchen Post(German newspaper) or my 5 Livre Assignant note ~ printed during the French revolution and so worthless at the time that soldiers used wads of the things to plug boot holes.

Shoving too much money into circulation forces it's value to drop and hyperinflation - I'll hold onto the gold sovereigns and reichmarks granddad gave me....just in case.

Last Empire Standing front by menapia U.S. Gold Eagle Dollar by menapia Napoleon III - Last Emperor by menapia Last Empire Standing front by menapia Days of the Hapsburgs by menapia Kaiser und Reich 2 by menapiaLa Gloire du France by menapia
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Sometimes I wonder if the Donald makes jokes without realizing he needs to frame them that way. Now Krugman...yeah he may have meant it.
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The Donald makes for an unintentional comedian.
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At least one can laugh at/with The Donald. The Statists rallying behind Hillary Clinton  out of sheer cynical agenda promotion is a cruel jest beyond my capability to laugh.
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In regards to the bottom- Isn't that a bit like suggesting you can stop a boat from sinking with a leaky bucket?
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Given Trumpy used to be a democrat, I would not be surprised if he'd heard about the magic of money printing from Krugman.
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When fictional Scrooge McDuck shows more common sense than 'real life experts' something is very wrong-…
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I'll be blunt: Hate your stick figures, love your messages. =)
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Because it worked so well for the Czar and the Weimar Republic. Good grief people can be stupid. 
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As I understand it, the current US dollar is more or less made out of US Government debt. If you eliminated Government debt, then the US dollar would cease to exist, because it is a product of creative accounting and expensive paper.
s---h---a---r---k's avatar
Out of curiosity, who (if anyone) would you ideally want for President, and who (if anyone) out of the realistic options (which now appear to be Clinton or Trump) would you prefer?
s---h---a---r---k's avatar
I see; is your username a reference to Erwin Rommel?
thedesertkitsune's avatar
An easy confusion, but no.
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Double-standards at work... :shrug: rvmp 
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I am sad now.
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You used 'respectable' and 'krugman' in the same sentence. There are Laws against that you know!
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I also put "respectable" in quotation marks, this denoting it as sarcasm.
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Yeah thats basically the idiocy of Anti-Trump although they sure aren't violent enough to be anti-Trump.
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Well if there is more money available, than the corporates will price gouge even if everyday people don't see the newly printed bills.
"-the corporates-". Um, excuse me? That doesn't make any sense.
PoliticalPip's avatar
The corporations; the people trying to drag us into TPP.
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