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Statist And Anarchist #077: Xenophobia

Yes, more Hispanics have left the country than have arrived since Obama took office. And, yes, more illegal immigrants have been deported under Obama than under Dubya.

But even if there has been a surge of illegal immigrants, building a wall would do nothing to stop them. Border walls stop illegal immigration like “gun-free zones” stop mass shootings and “drug-free zones” stop drug abuse.

You want to stop illegal immigration? Then you should focus on: 1) improving our foreign policy with Central and South America by repealing the drug war and “free” trade agreements, and 2) reforming our immigration process as to make it easier for people to immigrate legally into the country.

Seriously, Trump's proposed wall would accomplish jack and squat.
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I love how rightwingers TALK much about reducing of immigration, but then enlarging it severely :D
Meanwhile, leftists TALK much about tolerance, multiculturalism and religion of peace, but still kicking foreigners out at daily basis xD
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> but still kicking foreigners out at daily basis xD

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Deadpool icon Obama did another thing that Bush did, but to a greater extent?  Oh no!
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You really need to address the underlying issue of having a failed state right along your border. Aside from the obvious issue of the migrants having a pretty good reason to get out of Mexico in the first place, there is also the not-insignificant issue of other parties, such as Islamic terrorists or smugglers, using Mexico as a staging ground to enter the US over land(which is a whole lot easier than entering by sea or by air).
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What a pastor said a few months ago - "Its the Church's job to take care of the sick, poor, and downtrodden. Its the government's job to keep the country safe."
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:iconrvbchurchplz::iconsaysplz: Sick?  Poor?  Downtrodden?  Better leave that up to Doc.
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Church have not enough money. Never will.
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What do I support?

A high wall and a wide fence.  We don't need to be restrictive, but we don't need to grant amnesty to every alien ever either. 
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99,9% of illegal immigrants did entered legally - then stayed with outdated visas.
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What if it's just to see SJW cry?
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Trump supporters care about more then the Trump wall plan.
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Yeah. but it's their big talking point. It's the one thing Trump has been selling.
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He's also been selling his trade plan, his tax plan, and his healthcare plan all over the media and on his website.
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And destroying of firefighting service.
For the cause of higher prices on everything.
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That literally has nothing to with this topic.
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But healthcare and taxation has?
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You're talking about bits and pieces of what we're talking about. If you want a debate then type more thoroughly.
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And you just continue to juggle words.
No fire safety - no point to be elected.
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Chimichangas a made up word to replace a curse word for when you accidentally drop your burritos in the fryer and children are in the kitchen.
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If I remember correctly the story goes a woman in Texas(, or some border state) dropped some burritos into a fryer on accident and she was going to curse in Spanish, but children were in the kitchen and so instead she made up the word Chimichanga.
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In short; let all those illegal immigrants flood our
country and let's submit to their ways like obedient
cowards and pretending this is great.

If people are so eager to migle in these peoples
cultures why don't they leave, to live in these
peoples countries? Instead of imposing this to the
ones who want to keep their identity.
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Your page contains Hitler love and Holocaust denial. I should take your opinion seriously because...?
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No you should not take his opinion seriously.
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