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Statist And Anarchist #076: Donald Trump

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Before any Donald Trump fans accuse me of unfairly characterizing the guy, please note that these are the exact words that he has actually said. How exactly do you ridicule a guy who’s already ridiculous without quoting his exact words? Politicians like him simply make satire an obsolete art!

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Pavuk1's avatar
So true it makes me cry and I'm not even from USA.
VinnyMartello's avatar
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are like cough syrup and cyanide respectively. Cough Syrup is artificial, poor taste, and the color ain't natural. But I'd still take a shot of it over cyanide any day of the week.
SilverStarApple's avatar
I don't hate the guy (Or like him either), but WHY does he talk like a child that saw a snake-oil seller on TV talking quickly to confuse tardasses, and decided to try that out on the kids in his playground?
Askthisdude's avatar
He's insane, but in my opinion is the better candidate.
SilverStarApple's avatar
Not really insane, just kind of a dick sometimes. Still better than Hillary The Liar and Puppet Bernie.
soulessone12's avatar
and this is why i say that if he gets nominated we can say good bye to the republican party as we know it
LordChaosX's avatar
Hey that's not nice. Mitch and Fives aren't that stupid.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Perhaps not High-Five, but Muscle Man constantly messes up the "Your Mom" joke.
Graeystone's avatar
Heck, Muscleman and High Five Ghost are smarter than that.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Meh, had to find people to balance out Mordecai and Rigby from the last comic.
Myronavitch's avatar
Not that any of the other candidates are worth voting for with the exception of Kasich maybe, I feel if this country actually puts Trump into the oval office this November, they deserve what they get, and this country will go down the drain fast.
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BlameThe1st's avatar
LOL! This is what the current presidential selection feels like:
HalfSaiyanHeart's avatar
This made me laugh. It's funny how people just follow others blindly
BlameThe1st's avatar
That's been politics since the whole gig got started.
OddGarfield's avatar
You could have at least used the correct "Confederate flag" instead of the overused navy jack.
OddGarfield's avatar
I'm just saying.
Jay-of-Blue-Writing's avatar
Could be the "Army of Northern Virginia" battle flag.
OddGarfield's avatar
But it's not, the Northern Virginia battle flag and every other battle flag of the Confederacy were a square shaped banner, the Confederate States Navy Jack was a rectangular shaped banner of the same Southern Cross design.
PoliticalPip's avatar
I'm pretty sure Americans are so weary of politics as usual that Trump may as well be a political messiah in a world of sissy, do nothing politicians. (And not a good "messiah" either)
Mr-Neo-Anderson's avatar
Donald Trump isn't even a conservative, and they're still falling for it.
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