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Statist And Anarchist #072: Stupidity

Donald Trump—who’s the furthest thing from being a conservative, and who’s been a long-time supporter of Democrats, and who’s even donated more to Hillary Clinton than to “supporting our troops”—is currently the GOP frontrunner. Somehow, if Trump supporters sincerely believe that Trump is a dye-in-the-wool “limited government”, “fiscally responsible” conservative, then perhaps they are stupid enough to think that a blender can turn a bathtub into a whirlpool. Then perhaps they too can be mentioned by Nash and Tara.

Oh, for those of you who may not be familiar with them, Nash and Tara are the host and co-host of Radio Dead Air, a popular web show that includes the segment, “What The F*** Is Wrong With You”, where they discuss the week’s most insane headlines. I’ve been following them for the past year, and despite their somewhat libtarded politics, both they and their show are awesome. You can watch them live every Monday night starting at 9pm on Nash’s website, or you can watch the latest WTFIWWY segment on his YouTube channel. Give them a watch and laugh along at the perpetual circus that is humanity!
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Donald Trump is winning precisely because he's not a conservative. That's the irony. He's pretty center. That's why people are loving him. He's an alternative to the neocons and SJW Democrats. Its because people are fed up with Republicans that he's winning. They have no one but themselves to blame.
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Is this episode supposed to be the death of Red statist, just as you had done with blue statist several months ago, or is this just going to be another one off self contained continuity?

I'm only asking because I have some interesting ideas I think I could offer :eager: if are we to expect another cycle where we could see an eventual return of red statist in a slightly altered physical and political form. :)
BlameThe1st's avatar
I have another comic tomorrow.
LordChaosX's avatar
Should he call the hospital? I think it's pretty obvious Red won't learn anything even if Blue does.
Redmond17's avatar
Given how (not) deeply the ninja star is embedded...

Eh, I'm too tired to come up with a "thick-headed" punchline.
HNBBTF's avatar
This election has just been so depressing. I kind of hope Trump wins just to teach everyone a god damn lesson from the media that gave him way too much attention to the voters who are foolishly backing this sociopath.
CutestSith's avatar
Can't stump. May your tears form many pools.
Graeystone's avatar
That 'lesson' should have been learned with Obama!
I'm just gonna vote for Gary Johnson. At least I won't be part of the problem when I do. 
pharmmajor's avatar
What if Johnson doesn't get the nomination, though?
ZGMF-X42S's avatar
You and me both, brother.  You and me both.  :iconbrofistplz:
pharmmajor's avatar
Now I want to know exactly what happened between Red Statist and the bear to provoke that reaction.
pharmmajor's avatar
... can't believe I missed that.
ebturner's avatar

All these people promising to move out if Donald Trump wins the election is giving me pause to consider voting for him.

If they'd only stay true to their word.

stephdumas's avatar
That reminds me of that scene from the South Park episode #100 "I'm a little bit Country" when Cartman electrocuted himself. :)
Takisan111's avatar
You got Nash and Tara's likeness down really well.
BlameThe1st's avatar
Nash very much. But Tara? Blech! She was hell to create, and I don't think I got her down very well.
Kajm's avatar
There was a story on Yahoo about two weeks ago- a 14-year-old girl in the bathtub, talking on her cell phone, which was CHARGING... and she dropped it. By the time her mother found her she was half cooked.
Zucca-Xerfantes's avatar
Passport is updated...? Okay, good... Jobs lined up in Vancouver...? That'll work...

Oh! Sorry, just preparing, should the worst happen.

Fortunately, I think Trump fever is running its course and people are more interested in an actual anti-establishment Republican... Not one who's painted himself as such.
CutestSith's avatar
Trump's son volunteered to personally by tickets for Canada for anyone who wants to leave.
VS-Devao-Irsez's avatar
Well I sincerely hope you enjoy living under the rule of a political party's majority parliament lead by a french feminist leftist version of Kylo Ren. :laughing: :| :roll:

Might as well give up on any plans of "escape", for a totalitarian statist system of governing is likely going to be blossoming everywhere worldwide soon by the looks of things, there is no hope of fleeing to any country that could potentially be safely insulated from the effect, least of all Canada, so there's no point in moving anyplace else expecting life to be any better at this point ..I'm sorry to say :shrug: :(

And besides with the way that things are shaping up right now I can easily picture the whole world being at the precipice of a major economic collapse and possible WW3 within the next 18 months and no less :worry: ...but I really hope I'm wrong :(

Looks like Trump is going to be the nominee no matter what at this point unless the GOP elites start a coup within their own party during the summer prior to the convention.

I'm still holding out hope that there's a slim chance for Sanders though, there's still a very slight possibility that Hillary could unexpectedly get the boot by her own party at the last minute out of fear that she could actually be indicted and might end up taking down the rest of the party with her. :please:
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