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Statist And Anarchist #056: Political Analysis

If you can't read the last panel, here's the original comic.

As I’d previously mentioned, statists are the masters of psychological projection. Their solution to every major social problem is MOAR spending and taxes, MOAR laws and regulations, or MOAR government programs—and then they claim that we “free market fundamentalists” assume that the free market is the solution to everything. These people truly are the mental patients running the asylum and diagnosing the doctors.
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keep taxing the rich and they'll move out.

that other type of anarchist would love that, kill wealth and build a 'better' future outta nothing but poverty
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The comic assumes that inefficiency is a vice in certain government programs. Some of them, it's our only relief.
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I don't assume. I know.
I wasn't referring to your comic and I'm not questioning the presence of inefficiency. I'm questioning its undesirability, as for any given level of resources it leads to reduced effectiveness, and I'm denying its primacy. The comic that you're parodying frames inefficiency as a libertarian's primary, if not sole, possible objection to government. It isn't. I wouldn't even put it on the short list. Many government programs are objectionable by their nature - welfare is mass theft and cultural genocide regardless of how efficient it becomes. If the organization's nature is bad, then the fact that it doesn't work well isn't necessarily a bad thing. A less efficient war on marijuana, for example, could be beneficial; decrease the return on investment far enough to decrease effectiveness beyond the ability to catch people growing their own, and the war's over: the drug (people, really) wins, and the violent pot dealers (only legitimate public concern) are out of business within a year courtesy of market forces, high among which are ease of alternative acquisition and aversion to dealing with murderous scum. Ditto, BATFE. As a general matter, the objection to having persons declare themselves your masters goes far deeper than "but they might not be very efficient", and often does not include it. Ineptitude is a virtue in a tyrant.

The original comic betrays an ignorance, feigned or real, of the fundamentals of the philosophy it seeks to portray as single-minded and capriciously reactionary, even independently of the portrayal of single mindedness and caprice. (Which, now that I think about it, might be consistent with its purpose.)
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statists motto for everything: the government's too small! BTW I love the phrase 
"free market fundamentalists", I shall now refer to myself as such!
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It truly is a matter of their projection. They call us fundamentalists while insisting that the state will fix everything.
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Well done.  "YOU LIBTURDS WANNA THROW OUT THE BABY WITH THE BATHWATER!" Because it's Rosemary's baby!
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LOL! Pretty much.
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I think honestly we need some sort of safety net and to curb abuse that cause the problems to begin with. I think big money needs to get the hell out, That is what is holding a lot back that could be done. Hell, if we federally made weed legal or treated at least like alcholol, we'd have tons more money available to use. And maybe give our soliders stuff that works rather than defense contracts to those who grease the right palms.
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Meh, well that's more reasonable than what most other statists try to argue.
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At least I go for reasonable. :) I unfortunatly have needed the safety nets. But at the same time I see people who abuse them (a big one where I live is selling food stamps for drugs) but the systems to punish abusers are not enforced. You have to be doing something like one market here did of using food stamps for smokes, gas and tanning as well as food for a long time for something to happen.
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Right on target, thanks for sharing. :)
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