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Statist And Anarchist #050: Prayer

After nearly two months, the real Statist has returned, and he’s wearing a new shirt of our next president. And yes, Hillary Clinton will be our next president. That’s no longer speculation: that’s a fact! There simply aren’t any other Democrats with the same big name recognition (not even Mr. “Feel The Bern”), and not one of the countless candidates within the Republican clown car stand a chance against her. As much as I don’t want her to become the next president, I’ve simply come to expect her inevitably election. I, for one, welcome our new Clintonian Overlord.
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Ha! So He didn't want him around either. Funny.

As for the next president goes, I am of the opinion it will be Trump regardless of who or what I want. Especially if the ISIS folks use these "Hell Cannons" in the US that they are talking about.
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Ahh so that's her symbol is it?
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We've missed him recently. Bring back the unfiltered mouthpiece! Clap  The shirt is a good reminder that Statists will stay in the fight for the candidate they think will give them what they want, regardless. That being said, I am still thinking the Hildabeast won't make it in 2016. She can spend all her $$$, conduct her polls, hold her staged interviews, and call in all her markers. The average American thinks, nay, knows she is a corrupt liar who will say and do anything to get a vote, and has no interest in the responsibilities of power beyond wielding it. 
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I've noticed that with politicians. Both Hilary and Trump are extremely corrupt and have done and said underhanded things, yet people still cling to them. Why do I get the feeling that Machiavelli may have been onto something with his rambling?
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One would have hoped that all of these scandals and violations of her Oath of Office would have stopped Clinton's campaign. Of course, one would have hoped that Clinton being a cruel, spiteful excuse for a human being would have done so.
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She's a politician. They can get away with murder at this point and still be elected.
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Wait, what?

How exactly is she going to win? I mean, that email scandal should've put her election campaign on ice! 
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Nope. It hasn't.
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How has it NOT exactly?

I watched 2-hours of her trial on C-span before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  She not only got proverbially crucified by the media, but Congress (yes, even other democrats) absolutely DESTROYED her!
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"Hillary Clinton will be our next president...As much as I don’t want her to become the next president, I’ve simply come to expect her inevitably election."

Yet another reason to vote 3rd Party.
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I don't like Blue Statist's new shirt. It should be the Democrat Donkey to contrast with the Red Statist's Republican Elephant.

Also he needs more charicaturing if you insist on making Red a fat, gun-toting Redneck.
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I plan on introducing a new character into the mix based upon the Green Party, who would be more akin to actual hippies. So the liberal hippie stereotype would be out for him.
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Can someone PLEASE explain why people see in Hillary Clinton?  Because I don't get what her appeal is.  At all.
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1) If elected, she would be the first female president.
2) Her husband is Bill.

Those are the only reasons I see people voting for her. Everything else is blatant hypocrisy and corruption.
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1) So basically the same as Obama...
2) Natch.  Because them dems are so against nepotism and bigotry unless it suits them, you know? 
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The Lorax reference was totally coincidence, but still funny.

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I will still vote for literally anyone else but her. Even Trump would be a lesser evil.
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I don't know. Trump once kicked out an elderly widow out of her home to put up a parking lot:…
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You made me click on a guardian article. That was just mean spirited.
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