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Statist And Anarchist #037: Depression


Before you ask: no, statist has not been reincarnated as a dog, and, yes, he is still dead—deader than a doornail! Will he come back? Will he be replaced? Stay tuned and find out! (Also, apologies to anyone who may like Garfield Minus Garfield. No offense! Just drawing a comparison.)

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I am impressed by this sudden Coninuity thing you've taken up :)
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Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society? If this is civilized, I want my money back.
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Good one, man.
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I agree with the dog up until the last part. Also, why are you saying that this talking dog that speaks perfect English is retarded?
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Have you ever read Square Root of Minus Garfield? It takes old Garfield strips and reworks them in very odd, interesting ways - rewriting all the dialogue as haiku, arranging panels to match up with song lyrics, pointing out Jim Davis' reuse of art/dialogue, and a few that can get surprisingly dark at times (ever wonder what REALLY happened to Lyman?)
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Decided to take a look. Wow! Just, wow.
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I know. Amazing what bizarre stuf the contributors come up with.
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'You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. Of course, WE determine what is right and wrong, so if you disagree with us, you had better fear.'
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I wonder if we are going to deal with cloning, Dragon Balls, or Devine intervention soon.....or just grow another statist out of the mildew. 
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so you are going to change his shirt XD
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