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Statist And Anarchist #035: Economics 101

How Libertarians Can Win The White House In 2016 By A Landslide

1) Book a speech at the Democratic National Convention to have Mr. Meeseeks lecture on economics.

2) Lock all the doors in the convention hall while Mr. Meeseeks is giving his lecture.

3) Allow Mr. Meeseeks to become frustrated at the Democrats not comprehending what he has to teach them, forcing him to summons copies of himself to help him explain basic economic concepts.

4) Watch as the Meeseeks become so pained by their own existence and by their inability to teach the Democrats that the angry Meeseeks start attacking the audience.

5) Wait out the entire attack until the very last Democrat has fallen.

6) Repeat steps 1-5 at the Republican National Convention, only have Mr. Meeseeks lecture on evolution.

7) Congratulations! There are no more Democrats and Republicans! Now the Libertarian presidential candidate wins by default.

On a more serious (and less comedically dark) note, here’s Shane Killian explaining how minimum wage is a pseudoscience.
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Higher price and low quality => bigger demand? Seriously?
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hahaha a rick and morty reference
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Best adult cartoon thus far.
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Didn't you once make a comic where Anarchist wanted the minimum wage get raised to $100 per hour, and Statist was the bad guy for thinking that was too high?

Oh yes, you did.
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Remember, being a disciple of Saint Marx means never having to do economic math.
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The only way the Libertarian Party will ever win a major U.S. election is if they completely change their philosophical position on borders and immigration :facepalm: :grump:

I'm quite frustrated and disappointed after watching this recent Bogosity episode… explaining the libertarian position on immigration :facepalm: :frustrated: Yahoo Bang Head Emoticon  If this level of naivete is what the core fundamentals of authentically libertarian philosophy truly subscribes to then I'm afraid that I can no longer accurately and sincerely define myself as a libertarian. :grump:

I'm sorry but I have to consider myself a constitutionalist first and a libertarian second :grump: :shrug:
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I'm replying to this as well because of your last post. You want a response? Here it is.

I, like you, agreed with the neocon position on illegal immigration: we need to kick them out and we need to erect a wall. But you know what? After much contemplation, I realized that this was nonsensical. How could I claim to be "limited government" when I thought we needed a government big enough to deport people without due process or patrol the border like the NK guard? That's not limited government. That is the exact opposite.

As I did more research, I realized that most concerns about illegal immigration were bunk, and they ran counter to libertarian stances. Think of it this way: if gun laws don't prevent gun violence, then what makes you think that more rigid immigration laws will prevent illegal immigration? It won't.

Also, think of this: why is it that these people choose to immigrate illegally in the first place? I always asked myself that question, and I finally reached an answer: it's because our immigration process is beaurocratic as f***! It can take years and cost a lot of money just for someone to legally immigrate to this country. Heck, some have to wait most of their natural lives just to be approved. When you have individuals who are more than willing to cross the heat of the desert and risk dehydration, heat stroke, and poachers just to make it to America, what does that say of our immigration system? When the former is considered easier than the latter, what does that say? You know what it says? It says that we need to reform it!

Want to stop illegal immigration? Simple. Make it easier for people to immigrate legally.
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My brother recently introduced me to the suprisingly amazing Rick and Morty series ^_^ I'd originally written it off as another stupid gross-out bro humor show. 
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It actually manages to do an adult show right. Yes, it does have gross out, but unlike lesser shows, it doesn't focus on it. Yes, its characters can act like a-holes, but at least they can be likable ones.
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There are Republicans who believe in evolution, in fact a lot of them do. Me, for instance.
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How can we make this a reality?
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Supply and demand doesn't really effect the amount of money employers pay, it only effects the amount of money they make.
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Part of me wants sequel to this comic on how Mr. Meeseeks throws up his hands and says I'm done 
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A Meeseeks is never done until they've succeeded in their task... or the person they were sent to help dies.
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I feel Mr. Meeseeks will be driven to another kililng spree.
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prety much statist is just as hard to teach as jerry
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I love rick and Morty.
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Socialists are just lazy slackers waiting for the federal government to do everything for them in life. Pathetic.
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Capitalists are just lazy slackers waiting for the slaves to do everything for them in life. Pathetic.
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Right, that's why they're constantly working for what they're worth in the economy.
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Ehm, no, they hire people so they could work instead of them.
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While they pay for the upkeep of their business, capitalism isn't free to the rich minority you fool.
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Yeas, hired people pay, rich does not.
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