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Statist And Anarchist #025: Statism

Government is the oldest (and most successful) pyramid scheme ever. Just convince people that the best way to run society is to give total power and control to a select few individuals, and voila, instant profit! It's a scam so blatant it's any wonder that people haven't caught onto it by now.
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I laughed at this, and then reread this again. Cannot disagree with a single thing here.
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Statism - the most deceptive cult or religion ever invented.
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So, we have libertarian economy here, in Russia, including zero subsidies to industry.

It's collapsing.
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Nothing libertarian about Russia's cronyism and corrupt system. Tons of industries are state-monopolized, actually.
Negative, Cochegara. The Russian government is the largest shareholder of Gazprom, so it is actually heavily involved in Russia's economy. What's next, are you gonna claim Stalin didn't backstab Poland with Hitler then acted surprised when he got backstabbed himself?
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Dude, most of those things are opposites. Plus, taxing the rich TAKES "total power and control" from the "select few individuals". Furthermore, Corporatism works when the government does nothing, Communism works when the government does everything. Nazism and fascism are the same things, and police brutality, war, torture, censorship, and indoctrination, have nothing to do with scapegoating, increased taxes, or bans on things which quite frankly, save for the bottom three, all have adverse health effects.

I'm sorry, but I'm just not picking up what you're putting down. What reasons do you have for believing this?
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>Taxing the rich takes total power and control from the select few individuals.
And who's taking the "total power and control" from those "select few individuals" (i.e. the rich)?
The government (i.e. the select few individuals who hold total power and control) are!
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Federalisation could work only with raising of taxes - because regions can't collect tariffs.
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In that case, what do you suggest instead?
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Clearly not the same thing we have been doing.
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If you're talking about anarchy, that doesn't really work, either.
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I have drunk raw milk for years. It is perfectly safe. You just have to use it up in a week's time. It contains natural anti-biotics, good flora. Common milk is full of cow puss due to overuse of utters in a dirty environment. Sorry, i don't want to drink from that.
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It's horrible to tax rich, let's raise tax on poor.
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Its horrible to tax people. Lets stop taxing people.
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Government is bloodthirsty dorks, and oligarchs are bloodthirsty dweebs - let's abolish bureaucracy and any kind of busyness.
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By what mean and replacing it with what?
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Same question I want to ask you about taxation.
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land Value Tax.

>Dat non coercion

> Dat Technically not a tax but user fee

> Sexy Citizen's dividend

> Land hoarders BTFO

10/10. Its literally retarded that we don't have this.
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We have it in Russia, that's why we don't build factorys anymore - because brothels and pubs way more profitable.
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In Urban land, because of the huge amount of rent value contained in it. Which is why factories tend to to either find ways to become more profitable in urban areas (Which they do) or they go to low rent value areas, helping to decrease pollution and urban sprawl.
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This one really cracked me up, and I needed it after the news this week.
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Sorry about the mess in the comments thread. Next time an argument gets that long-winded I'll try and shift it to Notes.
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