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Statist And Anarchist #020: Peaceful Protests

For the record, I acknowledge that there are anarchists (such as Christopher Cantwell) who are in support of both the Baltimore protests and riots, considering them to be an appropriate reaction against the most recent egregious example of police violence. This comic is not directed against them. Rather, this comic is directed against the leftists who have expressed solidarity with the rioters and looters while having previously condemned the much more peaceful protests of conservative activists.

For the past six years, conservative activists through the Tea Party have peacefully protested the actions and policies of our current president, from his fiscally-irresponsible economic policies to his war crimes, only for these activists to be slandered by leftists as “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists”. Meanwhile, these same leftists now praise the blatant violence committed by the Baltimore rioters and looters, considering their violence to be “understandable”.

Leftists slander peaceful protesters as “violent thugs” while applauding the real violent extremism of violent thugs. This level of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance would be hilarious if it were not so repugnant.
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pick one
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Actually, it's more of the Republicans ranting against peaceful protests.
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Because burning police cars and businesses to the ground is totally peaceful. Along with throwing rocks at cops and random bystanders.
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Well, Baltimore did turn very violent, but there's more than just that one city having protests.
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Very true about peaceful protests, however the media opted to cover the rioting that was happening instead. Typical of the liberal media.
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Well, rioting is more interesting and can affect more lives than "Bro, sign a petition." And it's not just the liberal media that was covering it, 'FOX Not-News' also did a lot of covering on it.
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No. Just :iconfacepalmplz:ing at your characters.
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This.  All my yes. <3  Thanks for this, BTF. :-)
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Nailed it in one again, and quite effectively too! Clap As someone who has attended a Tea Party gathering or two in the past, I have often had to shake my head at all the misrepresentation and false accusations in the Lamestream Media news coverage. But somehow it is excusable for rioters to trash the neighborhoods for low-income urban citizens, fight the police, intimidate politicians, and paralyze the local economy so they can feel good about themselves. Which activity is "terrorist" again? Roll Eyes 
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Up is down and left is right in the mainstream media, sadly.
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got a feeling that Occupy Wall street (the movement mind you) was the last major peaceful Liberal protest I can remember where the majority of the protesters didn't riot....
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'Leftists slander peaceful protesters as “violent thugs”'

Painfully true, they are the reactionaries of our present
BlameThe1st's avatar
Ironic, since "reactionary" is often bestowed upon conservatives rather than liberals.
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All the young radical hippies are now grouchy old grandparents. The circle closes on itself, no matter how many Geezers of Rock concerts they attend! :D  And sadly, their attempts to keep the Sixties alive only result in all the bad portions of that decade (riots, unfocused passion, killings, authoritarian brutality)  being recreated.
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Going have to change my siggy to "What part of 'Right to Peacefully Assemble' do people NOT understand?"
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"The part where I can't throw a trashcan through a window for no reason."
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and this is why I wish the Far-left didn't had such a strong hold on the left
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With Bernie Sanders running on the Dem ticket, things may be heading in that direction.
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That bit with the domestic terrorists tea party. Is The Tea Party fighting the "Illuminati" to install their own?
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Heck if I know. Conspiracy theories don't follow logical sense.
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Liberals don't riot. Socialists do.
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