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Statist And Anarchist #018: Government Waste

Military tanks that the army neither wanted nor needed: $181 million.

The infamous Alaskan “Bridge To Nowhere”: $398 million.

An 18,000-seat high school football stadium that was shut down: $60 million.

Scientific grants to study snail sex and duck genitalia: $1.26 million. ($880,000 + $385,000)

Being berated for not wanting your taxes to fund crap like that: Priceless!

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's taxes. Now pay up or GTFO!

For further elucidation of how messed up our taxes are, read my latest essay, "5 Stupid Things About Taxes."
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Another example of government waste is the F-35 project. It's some fancy fighter jet plane thing that costs billions of dollars and the military doesn't even have all the wrinkles ironed out. A 40-year-old A-10 aircraft is like one tenth the cost and twice as reliable.

We need to abolish the IRS here in America.
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We need even bigger gubament and increased taxation to ensure this doesn't happen. #feeltheburn  XD
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I agree we have to pay taxes to keep a decent society going, but there is a such thing as wild spending and this is it. I am an Enrolled Agent and know how the tax code works and how much they take and I honestly wonder why we can't get our shit together and with the amount of money they do get, we could actually have no budget issue or even have Universal Healthcare and free public college. ( yeah I am a dreamer like that, but when you can't get the meds you need to work without insurance and can't get insurance in the first place because of either A. The condtion itself or B. Too damn expenesive because you can't afford it then you want something better)
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Wise investment is too complicated for guys from economical college :D
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Somalia is neo-liberal too.
Just like Russia.
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Somalia is anachistic wasteland. And don't forget about Islamists. And in which universe is Russia neo-liberal?
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Anarchy is a power belonging to people - which means workers self-management in factory.
Somalia is ultra-capitalist state, where poor majority pays way more than rich faggots, and neo-liberal government spents maximum with minimal result (which is only purpose of neo-liberal economy) - just like Russia.
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Eh, so you're democract-anarchist-socialists? I've got no idea for whose side you are sympathising.
Russia is capitalist, but Somalia is too failed to be anything but wasteland.
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Ehm... you're using pejorative term to describe yourself?
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Commie is pejorative term.
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I guess I wouldn't have minded the snail sex one....mostly because its by far the cheapest, and at least there, someone's learning something.
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I feel the same way. If anything, this just shows how little our government really cares about science.
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Wait aren't some snails hermaphrodites? That means we spent thousands of dollars on something that a perverted anime writer (or a clop brony) could have written a futa fanfic about.
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Better way to get money.
Snail porn!!!
And this is why is do my best to never pay any tax.
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Want to join the Snail Porn Industry.
We should build a patriarchy in the snail community.
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It's a target the size of the Death Star, so go ahead, take a shot. :)
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Government waste in general, especially when Grand Moff Statist is there! :D
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Remember the incident in San Diego about, oh, 20 years ago?…  I kind of feel like having all these unused tanks in Armories across America increases the chances of this happening again.  Soon. 
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Even scarier considering the militarization of the police.
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