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Current Residence: the networksphere
Wallpaper of choice: Blame! XD
Favourite cartoon character: Killy from Blame!
Personal Quote: It's not an obsession!.... *coff*

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Blame! the manga :3


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Well shit. I gave the club up hoping that my successor would keep this place pumping, but only six months later after my resignation three years ago... ? I'm just as disappointed as you are. So instead, let me redirect you to The Megastructure which is quite alive, also covering more of Nihei's wonderful works. I'm also pleased to see so more Nihei on fans on DA than ever before! The BFC is officially done but keep those fanworks coming, just hand it over to them. ;] -|- Sa-Ja
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Blame Fan Club

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sorry for being off for a while too much work :-( .. so what's :new: not much :-) some new members, some new fanworks and some new :+favs: what about a contest new ID or Avatar??? u could also browse the :+fav:s for seeing some new blamefanworks enjoy Rules to Join :blahblah: ------------------ 1. Send a note to ~BlameFanClub ( saying you want to join, and which group you want to be in (cyborg, safeguard, human). 2. Put the icon BlameFanClub icon on in your Journal and/or signature. 3. You don't have to draw Blame! fanart (tho that would be just dandy). Being a fan is all it takes. :3 3. Make love, not war. No hostility please.
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*Bal-Bafu Chibi Killy Blamesque scenery Happy Birthday Plumy ~clickmon Killy:new: ~Daeroth Medieval -|- Shield Sanakan & Scissordhands 1 Medieval -|- ID S x S 1 S x S 2 Do not photograph the netsphere ~DarkAngel012 :new:blame :new:Tribute to Blame ~der-W untitled 2 Silicon Life 1 Silicon Life 2 silicon-life sketch 002 untitled 8 ~Pepius PS sketch- Blame: Virgin Blame: safeguards assault PS sketch- Blame: sec. system PS sketch- Blame: Killy+gun :new:Blame: shot ~Renoa-Heartilly :new:I Blame you ~shakken :new:G. B. E. :new:Safeguard Exterminator preview ~Vasclev -In the cyber dungeon-:new: ~Wolfe-GTP 15 - Cyb
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he there.. i´m a great blame-fan and like to visit this club.. when you like look at my gallery there are a lot of blame-inspired pictures from me ;)
Do I have to post some Blame-realated works to join?
i wanna join!! but it really seems that you're unactive :[]
AWESOME i wanna b in the blame club... i only have book one and two though... I CAN NEVER FIND THE OTHERS!!!
Hi Fans,

I´m working on the best blame! site ever created in the net! ;-)

sorry, but it is in my language, german. Someday I will try to explain it in more compatible netcode: english ;-)