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February 7, 2012
Watercolor brushes Set 1 by ~Blakravell
Featured by Elandria
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Watercolor brushes Set 1

If you use my set


commercial use only with the permission
© 2012 - 2021 Blakravell
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These look amazing!
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Realistic Photoshop CS6 Watercolor & Paint Brushes
These are real brushes not just pictures, actual brushes with sensibility (if you use a graphic tablet) There are 130+ brushes. Enjoy.…
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Thank you for sharing your brushes They look lovely Thanks :)
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I can't stop using your brush. This time i used it for this piece:

Thanks a lot to you :)
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used one of the brushes here...really simple though...but thanks!!
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Thanks for your wonderful artwork!
Used here: [link]
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Do you use these watercolor brushes for all your realism portraits? Thanks for sharing! Will definitely give them a try. :D
Blakravell's avatar
No of course,
I use a standard set of brushes
This set was used in here [link] and here [link], [link]
in most of my collages)
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Lovely, thank you!
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These are great! Thanks for sharing these!
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I was testing around with your brushset again: [link]
serious - these brushes are simply awesome!
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awesome brushset. I used it here: [link]
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Thanks for this set =)
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wow, i'll definitely use 'em!!! this is what i needed!!!
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These look lovely, congrats on the DD :)
sugarpoultry's avatar
Just played around with these, very beautiful work! :) Can't wait to test them out.
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Thanks for making and sharing! :heart:
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