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Myspace Redesign: Part Deux

This layout is now under the ownership of mntwk481, Sold Jan 29, 2007. Hooray, one step closer to my Nissan Versa!

255 days ago, I created a concept layout of what I dreamed myspace could be if they hired some decent designers to renovate the slowly dying website [link] Just yesterday I looked back on the layout and cringed with disgust on how outdated it looked . Who knew 255 days could be so long. So I tried again, and this is what I got. Thanks for all of the feedback for the last layout, I can assure you it went into this one.

I think I may sell this one as well. PM me for negotiations!

Thanks Everyone!

The old one - [link]
Digg - [link]
My Profile - [link]
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Could we have more page views? :)
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+1 Digg. Myspace would be SO MUCH BETTER if they adopted this instead of the shitty \"theme\" they have now.
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Very nice design indeed but there is reasons why current myspace layout sucks so badly!

Bandwidth and users custom layouts...

But anyway, even facebook layout is better that myspace so they should do something about it!

You can always do really neat layouts using just background color and good design! =)
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We need to get this seen by the boys upstairs at myspace ... you could be minted!
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They've seen it and offered me a job interview, but I had to turn it down. Can't move out to Beverly Hills any time soon, haha.

They're getting better with the new home page beta design thing, but still room for improvement. They need to actually hire some designers and not leave the designing up to the programmers anymore. :P
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they offered you a job interview? oh wow nice one. Even if you did turn it down, thats a great achievement!

They are getting *a bit* better with the design, but unless they take your creative approach into consideration, its gona be pretty much second best. Your right about the programmers doing all the design work too lol.

Ahhh wow, nice one mate :]
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this is beter than the new one they are bringing out for myspace. It is like sxactly the same as the last one. Soz for the typos.
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have you sent him the disign or anybody that works with him
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I must admit I'm getting really bored of the current look - I like this much better.
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really loving the color harmony! great job. I hope one day they wake up.
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I really really like this. Makes myspace look a lot more actual.. up to date? lolll a lot better than the simple domain they have now.. makes it look like you're checking your email or something
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they need this to be the layout
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I know what you mean and I too had all these fun ideas but..I don't know why they just don't spice up the site itself it looks like something from the late 90's. The internet is evolving so quickly and being like..#5 in America you'd wish they had better interfaces.

I made a small impact by doing inbox icons for Myspace and I think they are afraid to change or they are waiting for a drastic change. They delayed Myspace 2.0 Editor that they were supposed to come out with a year or more ago... Myspace is all propaganda now :(
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i clearly love this layout. Either or myspace isnt good for website standards because everything is done on tables. they need to focus on more using div tags with css. Personally i loved the rounded corners helps improve visual aspects.
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I think this is amazing, you should really try and sell this to them!
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