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February 13, 2009
So many deviants already suggested me Fight Global Warming Poster 1b by =BlakliteGraphics. What can I say more when the picture speaks for itself? Stunning execution with a well-known message. Very effective!
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Fight Global Warming Poster 1b



I'm resubmitting this as a new deviation because without the text in the middle, it really is a whole new composition and says a lot more. It has a much more relevant and powerful message, I think, as well.


Thanks you everyone! A little background in this poster:

This was originally a class Photoshop assignment back in my community college days. We were to make three compositions with a "Global Warming" theme. The original had text smack-dab in the middle that didn't make much sense but was required for the assignment. I took it out, which did wonders for the message in the poster.

Here's the original:

And no, that's not me in the poster. It's a stock photo of a guy smoking; I didn't want to ask someone to smoke to complete this assignment. :B
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If a nuclear submarine's CO2 scrubbers break down, or the CO2 levels overwhelm them, they can surface and open the hatches. If something similar happens on the International Space Station, and they can't fix it, the crew can pile into the Soyuz capsules and evacuate to the Earth. But Spaceship Earth has no escape pods, and there's nowhere to evacuate to. If the ecosystem - Spaceship Earth's life-support system - can't absorb the drastically increased CO2 levels, we may well have nowhere to go but extinct.

We have to do something NOW.