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Fight Global Warming Flyer 1

This is an assignment from my Graphic Design class. We were to take the original ads (which was just those two check boxes with the text on a yellow background) and come up with creative ways of showing global warming. This is one of them I came up with.

I wish it made more sense. I suppose it's like: The guy is laying around doing nothing and just taking a smoke break (which is also a cause of global warming, albeit a lesser cause) while pollution is being dumped into the atmosphere with the smoke stacks and factories in the background. I take that back, it makes little to no sense. HAHA.


Ok, I've come up with a concept that makes a little more sense with the poster. We are all our own little industrial factories and it's time to stop sticking our heads in the sand and do something.
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and wheres the credit to the original photographer?...
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ok nevermind i just saw this image before and thought you were someone else, in this case nice work

rounded corners on the boxes would have looked nicer though... and i'm not a fan of your font choice...
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HAha this really makes me want to smoke a barbershop ciggarette. I dont even smoke, but if do ima colour it like this first
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can i have the vector file of this image so i can print it on shirts and distribute to youths in campaign against global warming. please email it at thanks.
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It isn't a coincidence that ALL GRAPHIC DESIGN SCHOOLS AROUND AMERICA AND WESTERN EUROPE have the same assignment about Global Warming.... because the corporate/government hegemony is doing everything to push the GLOBALIST AGENDA via GLOBAL WARMING. They're not the solution, buy a property, plant your own trees, DON'T TRUST "GREEN" POLITICIANS! ITS A SCAM!
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I'm hoping with my life that this is a joke.
You're probably unaware of the roll our federal government has in designing our curriculum. I was a design major, it was in every friggin class!
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Nice Ads by the way.
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Smoking is Dangerous to us Humans as well as Man made CFCs but... the Global Warming they say its because of "Man made CFCs cliche" that torn out the Earth? Is so wrong. My advise just watch the Global Warming swindle to know what i am talkin about. Many claim that Global Warming is caused by Man made CFCs. Think again. There are non scientist there who propagate the idea of Global Warming & many Scientist amongst them have resigned because they believe otherwise. Some big people of something attempt to pay money to them to shut up but there it is exposed the Global Warming Swindle
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this is great! fav*
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Hey, I featured this work in Massive Feature Special news, for thew UN Climate Talk in Copenhagen. [link]

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Best of the Best!!! I LOVE IT
real nice depiction of global warming
i think you should send this entry to print social advt award, 11th International Concerned Communicator Award in india.
No entry fee, n u got a chance to win US$ 11000
all you need to do is mail your entry to with entry form
catch more details on its website [link]
last date is 5th Sept 09
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Congratulations! You've been featured in the :earth:"Environmental Awareness and Green Living" Art Feature:earth:: [link]

Don't forget to +fav it if you like, to get more exposure :)

Great job and well done! :star:
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awww. yeah ! i love this pict !
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lol mmm i agree with u i like it alot more without the txt but agen requirement lol

idea thoe u could of put it in like a pop up looking box in the photo lol if ya get me ? lol and be like 2 buttons stick your head in the sand or fight global warming ect ... lol just an idea :P
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Lovely Concept :] And pretty picture!

I'm not really a "stop global warming" person so I can't say anything about that but ^^ still polutiion is bad D:{
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lol i like this one better :D*
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