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Won't even sugar coat it, I had some -really- bad seasonal depression this year. I went to some dark places and contemplated giving up on my art and everyone I know online.

Now, I'm feeling better and that depression has been replaced with a feeling of general frustration at my family. This morning starting my car took 5 minutes as the engine struggled to turn over, not to mention my car's rear-end is still smashed from when my stepdad backed into a wall. I should point out he promised to pay for repairs but oh no, he can't afford it. He can afford 5 new 75 dollar hats, but he can't afford 300 dollar car repairs. Meanwhile my mother keeps chewing me out for not having a job yet and deliberately making me feel like a burden on our house.

UPDATE: Sketch compilations will continue to be offered, however they will now be at their regular price of $45.

SO what I am doing to do is this: I am offering "sketch compilation" commissions at a reduced price. What's a sketch compilation you may ask? It's where I sketch a series of smaller mono-chromatic pictures in a single page. How these will work is commissioners will give me a character, some general motifs or themes, and I will draw roughly 6 images based on that input. The idea is buyers can get more content per dollar in exchange for direct control over the drawings. Normally I would charge $45 for sketch compilations, but for the foreseeable future they will only cost you $30.

ALL SLOTS FILLED! Thank you so much everyone ;A;/

Slot 1- :iconsirkaijuofvaudeville: paid-completed
Slot 2- :iconryan20089: paid- completed
Slot 3- :icondthb4dshnr: paid- completed
Slot 4- Taken paid- completed
Slot 5- :iconphoenix-fightmaster: paid- pending
Slot 6 & 7- :iconphlaz: paid- completed & paid- pending
Slot 8- :iconakitymh: pending- pending


Mature Content

Pearl Thirst Quenching by BlakerOats

Cruxia vs. Gomba The Devil God of Evil by BlakerOats

Mature Content

A Peculiar Frog by BlakerOats
WolfBlitz2 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
the fella sounds like he needs a right spanking
GrossPierrot Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Professional Writer
Sorry to hear your folks are giving you a rough time, Blaker. Ya just gotta persevere, everything will turn out for the best given time, I'm sure.
BlakerOats Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, It's always a pleasure to hear from you ^^
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February 6, 2018


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