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Jurassic World Hybrid Idea

Despite the fact the hybrid dino from Jurassic World was leaked thanks to Lego, I don't care. I designed what I'd like to see from a hybrid dinosaur monster! She's a mix of raptor, spino, dilo, and if we're going full on dream hybrid monster, I'd throw in some human in there too. That way she can have thumbs. I would possibly have some kinda asexual reproduction in there too, cause lets just go balls-to-the-wall.
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Spinolophoraptor! that could be its name!!

I love this!

PaleoartStudios's avatar

Now that's a sick-looking hybrid!

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That’s amazing. OwO I just did my best attempt at a dilophosaur-Spinosaurus hybrid, maybe with some Utahraptor thrown in there UwU
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Nice OC dinosaur !I like it's colour and it's skín.It looks pretty cool i think.
reizosaurus-64's avatar
Pretty  good  idea!
dramonfanatic's avatar
Does this hybrid has a name?
Rey-lich's avatar
10 times better than the Boringdominus Rex.
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There was going to be a hybrid like this one in one of the toy lines. In one of the websites they reveal an old sketch of a hybrid that was going to be a prototype for chaos effect. It was about the size of the dilophosaurus and had the two crests and very small but pointy and exaggerated frills, and it also had a spinosaurus sail (also very pointy and exaggerated) that went from the middle of its back to half way down its tail. and it had small frills on the back of its thighs. it was going to be a part of a set with one of the hunters of the series.
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Dilophosuarus and spinosuar welp...that's horrifying
wjones215's avatar
A giant, acid-spitting dino. It shouts "fear me" written all over. Great job.
JellyHorsie's avatar
this is epic! i love hybrid dinosaurs like this,so cute. I love the color choices for this lil dino xD

or may i say big dino
MaggiesHeartLove's avatar
I love this design! I wish they had picked this instead of that unoriginal design just for the sake of making it look like a t-rex. This is pure genius!
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Holy Moly, Dinosaurs.

I love the way you made this, its unique, its amazing, and maybe a tad scary! Good work!

Now let me see if I can get snouts right..
YoFreshBean's avatar
Could I make this into a base?:iconbegplz:Its so amazing~!
Primalk's avatar
You got the albinism and thumbs right!
Samurai-Poet's avatar
I find this one to look more menacing and evil. Hopefully something like this will show in a sequel. XD
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I can see the Spinosaurus/ Dilophosaurus hybrid but I think everything else just gets in the way.
Hawkheart29's avatar
I kindda think your design looks better than the official one.
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D'aww, well thanks! And to be fair, maybe the final design will look better when we see it more in motion.
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You're welcome.^^ I've heard that somehow thanks to Lego, images of the dino were leaked. I don't know if what I found when I searched for them were real or not, but if they were I'm disappointed - It looks like a grey T-Rex with slightly longer arms tipped with ridiculously long claws and two small crests/fins on its head.
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A Dinosaur hybrid was Dilophosaurus, Spinosaurus and Velociraptor, really awesome.

I think I like it.

Maybe I draw it sometimes.
BlakerOats's avatar
Sweet! I would love to see it if you do. :D
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