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I'm going to be moving to a new page now. I'll probably be absent from this page for a while. So, goodbye for now people!
New page:
Check out my new page I made! :D
Can someone teach me how to draw anime eyes and hair? I'm having major problem doing that. I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me. Thank you! 
School starts tommorow. Ugggggghhh....
I'm finally back! And I have a butt ton of photos and merchandise! I might send photos of what I got and what I did. 
Just wanted to say that I'm going to be going to Japan on the third week of August Clap :happybounce: . Hopefully no one will think I'm dead while I'm gone. Also I'll be uploading the 6th page to Night Killers before my trip. That's all I wanted to say. Have a great summer guys, enjoy it while it lasts! 

P.S. Whoever lives in Japan, you're lucky lol. Meow :3 

April 23, 20XX

               I felt a gentle breeze on my face. I heard the sound of stomping from every direction. I finally managed to open my eyes but only a bit. I couldn’t quite make out what everything was. I saw however it was most definitely night time. I could also make out tall slender humanoids marching into a city. An army of them. I opened my eyes wider. I got a better look at the humanoids. All I can say is that they were not humans at all. They were tall albino skinned demons with no face, but with a big, ferocious mouth. They have long slender arms with sharp claws. They had nothing but a rag covering their “private spot”. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t. It appeared that I had broken my right leg, and I had a deep cut in my left arm. The demons not noticing me, I waited for them to pass by. Soon enough, they had all marched into the city. I got up quickly, trying to regain my balance. When I looked into the distance, I saw something I couldn’t believe. New York City, in flames. I saw gunfire and dead bodies in the distance assuming there’s a battle going on. I look around me seeing a gruesome sight of dead people scattered around the field I was lying in. I tried limping away as quickly as I could. That is, until I saw a giant shadow. It didn’t look like mine. The shadow then changed into a giant black creature. I tried to get away, but it was no use. It had grabbed me by the neck and stared at me. I was afraid just to look at it, and the fact that it was choking me didn’t make matters better. But all it did was look at me. It then spoke a strange language. The creature ran towards the city still choking me. I tried to loosen its grip. But as soon as I knew it, I heard a huge explosion. I saw a giant explosion in the middle of the city. The impact shook the ground wildly. The creature lost its balance and fell into the river still holding onto me. The creature still had a grip on me. I tried my best to escape, but to no avail. I began to lose oxygen. Everything was getting blurry and I began to feel weak. I then closed my eyes, and passed out.

April 30, 20XX

               Once again, I felt a gentle breeze brush against my face. I felt like I just got out of a whirlpool. I felt like I was lying on warm sand. I heard a voice. “Hey, are you alright? W-wake up!” I managed to open my eyes. I saw a man around my age standing in front of me. He had a cut up red hoodie wearing glasses, one side was cracked. “You’re finally awake, thank goodness. I thought you were dead for a second, hehe.” he said in a joking tone. I coughed up some sea water and cleared my throat. He helped me up and I tried keeping my balance. “T-thank you sir…” I said in a rather weak tone. “I saw you wash up to shore with that demon next to you, so I wanted to check if you were okay.” he said. I looked over to the dead body of the dark creature that was holding me captive last night. I looked over to the city. It was completely destroyed. “W-what happened?!” I asked in a panicky tone. I then heard a loud stomping noise in the distance. “I’ll explain later, come with me.” he said, “W-wait! What’s your name first?” I asked. “Brian Clover sir. What’s your name?” he asked. “Hikari Sazuki…”
This is just a story I thought of in my free time. I hope you guys like it Meow :3 

I need help thinking of villians for my series The Night Killers. If you can, please send ideas in the comment section below. Write their name, powers, a short bio, and a sprite of them (optional). about your villian. I'll write down the villians I thought were good and I'll find places where they can be put into the storyline. Thanks! :D

-Silent Kill (DrakeTheBlueDragon )
-Zero (XXXZERO8 )
-Massacre (riderthehedgehog )
-Netro (tuffnick20 )
MERY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Wait... it's after Christmas... damnit I'm late for everything! 
Ask me and Blake anything and we'll be happy to answer! :D

Blake: As long as it doesn't have to do with me wearing a dress again U_U'
Recently i have had the urge to just give up spriting for some reason. I don't know why, but i'll try to explain. I just feel that i'm not good enough as i used to be anymore. I really try, but i just lost my touch. I'm gonna try to keep spriting as often as i can, but i need some support. I'll try to keep going strong.
MY GOD IT HAS BEEN FROEVER SINCE I MADE A JOURNAL ENTRY!!!!! It's actually been forever since i've been on this website. XD
Anyways, yes, i know i've been away for like FOREVER, but i'm going to get back on track and focus more on the Night Killers series. So yeah thats all, and also........ HELLO EVERYONE!!!!! :D
3 things.

1. You should know that i will be doing more minecraft stuff then sprite stuff. But i'll still do it.

2. I apoligize for not being on for a while. I have been really busy with lots of things. So i'll try to be on as much as i can.

3. Skeleton is on mah hit list now XDDD
Since i've moved to Piscattaway, the school i'm going to is a bit, oh how should i say this............. crazy. I think that is the right word XD (not to offend anyone) Anyway, my old scholl was alot better. It had a better enviorment and the education level over there is perfect. So, i'm gonna move back there! Yup, i'm gonna be so excited! :D When i came to visit today, everyone started to crowd around me and give me BIG hugs. I was really happy. I'll be going back on monday. So i better start saying my goodbyes to my friends here. Wish me luck! ^^
Ok, since i've submitted Kirito, it said that he had a first life. Well, it's time for me to say it, Kirito is Blake. So basically.......................................... Blake died. But Blake will still be here, only he's a spirit now. Since Blake died, he has been revived and is now a new person. He still remembers some of the things he did and his friends and family so there's no need to worry. So people, meet the new Blake!
I might not be on for a while sdue to busy schedules and school and shit like that. Anyway, forgive me if i havn't been on for a while, i won't be here tommorow because i have to go to a wedding. So yeah, i'll see you when i see you.
Yup, im making a halloween contest just for the occasion that it's almost halloween. If you wanna be a part of it, give me your sprite in their costume, i'll put it in a deviant and i'll let the viewers vote who wins. So get thinking! The contest ends on halloween!
I decided to discontinue it. I'm too busy to edit it so it's going to be gone. I dont know how to get rid of it though because it's been a long time since i've been on it so i forgot everything like my password and username U_U'. Anyway, there will be no more activity going on in it. (even though i haven't started anything on it  XD I fail)
I might not be uploading more pages for a while cause of all the new things happening so i have to use up some time thinking about how to make it work.